The new concern should not be the website ranking but users

someone said Shanghai dragon is bitter in the circle, Shanghai dragon to have a strong heart. In fact, I do not think, do not play the Shanghai dragon.

on site in Shanghai ranked the love at the same time, most of the webmaster will take care of themselves in other search engines such as Google ranking, this situation exists in most cases, the site in Shanghai included not good or bad in the general ranking Google are included, ranking good. So, a blog below, when Google search Shanghai dragon blog, I blog ranking in fourth. read more

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Google search page leading search engine user experience storm

advantage: blank, remove redundant information, show the style.

general search engine is for the user experience is relatively poor, but Google this time to adjust, is indeed a good leading user experience, on the left is the user often click on the position, increase the number of encyclopedic knowledge, a good solution to the user will search the possible, you know, your users are lazy, often still need to re open a page to search what they want to know, here, direct viewing, not only remove the blank, redundant information, but also to show the style. read more

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