To tell you the secret between the constellation and the Shanghai Dragon

thinking ahead, rational self-respect constellation. The same is not bound by love, like love, but they are still different Sagittarius; they are more focused on the spiritual level, is the very good inspiration to object.


3, Aries (ARIES) March 21st ~ April 19th


4, a good overall situation, to find problems, solve problems, timely adjustment of strategies, both hands and brain.

comment: natural fantasy, strong emotions can not cope with the search engine ranking fluctuations, it is easy to get discouraged because the site was K. read more

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The website optimization 62 words

site internal to head out, Wei Yi again. The chain to smooth, daily add

can fast not slow: Web server response time faster;

: a title page text article title to use H1 tags to emphasize the H1 non title;

website will not slow fast, can not move to shallow static, not deep, can not short length:


: the deep shallow flat structure as far as possible, reduce the number of directory depth and level of

two hundred has two: the chain [Key words] the contents of the article, if there are two hundred words that appeared two times in the chain; read more

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Lei Jun millet initially looking for partners is on the rogue approachAlliance earn points for prize

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047


said Lei Jun, founder of millet in the choice of that year, never Hardware entrepreneurial experience, so to fix hardware engineers is very difficult, but Lei had approach is to "excel list a long list, one by one to find partners."

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: lianmeng

The premise of

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

technology news news May 20th, chairman Lei Jun millet in entrepreneur angel investor conference said that the worship of the most entrepreneurial companies are Alibaba, Alibaba and the success of the main three points: there is a huge market, absolutely reliable partner, there is a never spent money, but millet initial start-up partners are on their own with "rogue" approach to dig. read more

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How to obtain large quantities of popular long tail keywords ranking

this is the path of the 贵族宝贝tech.sina贵族宝贝.cn/z/NQzuokong/ is so simple, we look at the Qin is a China company listed in the United States, is a short seller muddy water. Then those who search and muddy water netqin of these 2 words is not to see the report! So we have to do is put all;

Hello, I am a piece of driftwood, now for everyone to share a little dry cargo I hope you can help, cut the crap into the theme!!!

in Shanghai

then she solved the problem of time cost, we no longer need to spend a lot of time to do the picture to do video and so on, can make a special out may be one or two weeks, and most of the personnel do not have the ability to make the thematic. We want to how to make hundreds of savings in time in case of this page? Just do it, is a specific page flow ah! Do that? We look at the case of read more

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Love Shanghai recommended upgrades to the personalized recommendation results

Smart: love Shanghai engine based on big data, in order to improve the flow as the goal, the system can automatically adjust the recommended content.

: a priority recommendation related to the current content, suitable for the specific content of the page.

since the opening of a small flow of products last year, already has tens of thousands of media sites began to use love Shanghai recommended products, the cumulative for the site to enhance the flow of more than 140 million, more than 5% increase traffic to the high quality of the site, continue to optimize the flow and access to the site experience; and love Shanghai recommended product itself is in continuous optimization, whether it is the recommended style recommend content management module have been upgraded several times, the launch of the recommended strategy selection function is to promote the recommendation effect significantly enhance the killer function read more

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Part time cat earned million angel investment senior students won many VC chaseRed Wangzhuan Beginne

for "part-time cat" at first sight

why Zhu Bo Wang Ruixu of the venture at first sight? "Zhu is a middleman, he invested in many college students’ entrepreneurial projects, on the spot or after direct investment is often the case, and we are 90 college students’ entrepreneurship." Wang Ruixu said with a smile, "but it is more important because he felt that our team is very reliable."

The development of more and more

novice love to find what Wangzhuan project, hoping to get rich overnight, but in fact, a variety of methods Wangzhuan ideas are people who want to come out, write out the tutorial is one, the people caught up at the tutorial is much better than. Do Wangzhuan to quickly understand and enter this industry is the simplest way to communication has started, and then slowly into his circle of friends, let them recognize you, only recognized you will go to help you. Many novice and others the first sentence is "I can tell you how Wangzhuan?", which some people do not understand the reason to pay, really willing to help you master only 3 reasons: 1. you are his potential customers. 2. you have been helpful to him. 3. you are his friend. read more

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Love from Shanghai outside the chain of tools to see beauty Lele do optimization

The first layer is the Through the love of Shanghai

two, America Lele chain operation ideas

1, keywords layout and traffic sources

webmaster tools, we can see that the chain site in the United States Lele forum, blog, classification of information. The forum is the main method of soft release. The chain operation is so massive, needs a system.

The source of the chain of The key is to search the natural flow of

traffic. Do stand outside the optimization is essential.

second is the product of keywords, such as key words: living room furniture, fabric sofa and other specific products, goods are distributed in each column page. read more

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Love Shanghai and Google in the end who is more sensitive

in the home keywords and title adjustment, love Shanghai than Google will still show many sensitive, but there is a change in the title, keywords, title, love Shanghai immediately suspend the snapshot snapshot, even back into the edge of the right to be reduced, if not immediately improved, usher will be a flow disaster encountered before, Google would be calm, almost has no effect on ranking traffic.

in the sensitive rankings, love Shanghai more sensitive than Google, Google ranking, as long as the stability is generally not. read more

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How to set up the website description based on four points out setting point

although many webmaster are thinking about web site keywords, description has been eliminated by the search engines love Shanghai, but I think that no matter how the love from Shanghai announced that we should start from the fact that, in fact, keyword description of the website still plays an important role in the optimization of website, we imagine if a website is not words, do not describe how to improve the user experience to be able to label? Users before entering the website to see the website, be able to understand how this website? And improve the user experience is contradictory, below I talk about the description of the site should be how to write the label is consistent with the search engines. read more

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How to be true to Links

second, the chain should not be too much, but better, if your site or the same type and high PR site link, of course is the best, if you do this, largely to facilitate collection of search engines. If this is a new web site has just been established, and similar sites to link is a big taboo, such behavior is absolutely essential, imagine, if your site is not better than others do well, then you will be the traffic to grab the past, do better than your website on this is I learned from a friend there, he fought for many years in the Internet, has acquired a set of practical experience, so this is very important, everyone must remember. If you’ve done years website, you must do a link to choose the higher relevance of the site, if you want to achieve a win-win result, so sometimes your competitor’s site is also can do, believe that such cooperation, we are very happy. read more

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