Sit on the sidelines of the crisis and the fall of beauty

in recent months, the hottest Internet China is a large number of group purchase website rise, the other side of the ocean the success of Groupon, a large number of Internet Chinese quickly ignited the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, to Wang beauty group as the representative of the F group, handle follow, and several group purchase website CMS appeared. A large number of grassroots entrepreneurs also reduce barriers to entry, it is said that now the group purchase website has nearly 1000, and more group purchase websites are emerging, and even a special group purchase navigation station, is really a flourishing read more

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Grassroots electricity supplier upgrade brand value creation

Note: the Taobao

shop is grassroots differentiation in some upgrades, There was no parallel in history., some in the sink, at this point, put forward the concept of grassroots business with [Aaron] upgrading the electricity supplier, this will be the theme of the next three years the trend of the electricity supplier


text / Feng Huakui

subtitle: a grassroots electricity supplier, how to understand the brand this thing

a group of people with high IQ, why do you want to do things


customer price from 70 yuan to upgrade to $170, what needs to be done? read more

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Jingdong absent 51 electricity supplier price war

in extensive network Beijing on April 23rd news according to voice of the economy "financial world" report, may day is approaching,, Gome heavy promotion, Dangdang, Yi, Feng Le have to follow up, but love the price war of the Jingdong is absent. Industry insiders believe that the Jingdong is missing in the war to recuperate, concentrated practice.

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ndia will start the richest man in the electricity supplier market announced the launch of online b

[Abstract] KPMG statistics show that India e-commerce market to 2020 total sales is expected to reach $36 billion 700 million.

Tencent Francisco April 5th message, belonging to the India, the largest producer of plastic Xincheng Industrial (Reliance Industries Ltd.)’s reliance retail companies (Reliance Retail Ltd) Company in the local time on Saturday said the company plans to launch a new fast fashion and lifestyle of e-commerce business.

is reported that reliance retail companies by India energy tycoon, India’s richest man Mukesh – (Mukesh) control, and on Friday announced the establishment of the Ambani. But just a day later, the retail companies announced through its website to enter the local market is very competitive e-commerce. After entering this market, reliance retail companies will compete directly with Amazon, India online fashion shopping mall Myntra these platforms. read more

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Domain deletion list May 28 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn [email protected] 0516–83777726

phone   / / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

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With Taobao’s first wireless electricity supplier data interpretation mobile providers today and tom

Taobao released the first "2011Q2 Taobao wireless electronic commerce data report", prior to this, the mobile providers in a state of blindness, all want to rely on; with data, mobile providers on the road of development with a little light, at least let mobile providers in the field from the impetuous some rational regression. For example, how do you guess the current operating system of mobile providers accounted for the proportion of the electricity supplier you imagine the purchase behavior of consumers is how do you judge the current mobile electricity supplier opportunities how much? read more

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Net exposure Guangzhou Uber headquarters was closed City Commission overnight response check

April 30th, the message says: "Guangzhou city of industry and commerce, transportation, public security joint action against alleged illegal business organization black Uber Guangzhou branch, the scene seized thousands of Iphone mobile phone. This was Guangzhou’s brother a Wuqi out "


tonight at 11:20, Shijiaowei official statement said: "recently, to ensure the market operation clean safe and orderly, the city law enforcement departments of undocumented illegal acts carried out special combat, including the combination of transportation industry, the illegal operation of unlicensed cases investigated. Yesterday, city of industry and commerce, public security, transportation and other departments joint law enforcement, law enforcement inspection on an alleged failure to industrial and commercial registration formalities, private vehicles do not have the qualifications of the operators in the business activities of enterprises, the related management tool of a batch of mobile phone terminal and other items suspend processing. The investigation is ongoing." read more

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Taobao merchants selling fake sick leave to fans up to 400 copies a week

according to the British "times" reported that the world cup is about to begin, and the time difference in Brazil decided that Chinese fans will watch the game in the middle of the night. In order to find an excuse to leave the company, many hardcore fans are prepared by the "black market" to buy fake sick leave. There are two key points about this "black market": the first is how to distribute these sick leave, followed by the fans how to search. The answer is Taobao, Alibaba’s core business platform as a large shopping site, but also China’s largest Internet companies. read more

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