Biography Google intends to buy buy site Groupon bid 3 billion

Beijing on November 19th news, according to foreign media reports, the "Wall Street journal" columnist Cara · ER (Kara Swisher) wrote today, several informed sources revealed to her, Google is in talks with the U.S. group purchase website Groupon, and hope to be able to $3 billion acquisition of the latter.

informed sources said that Google has been on the acquisition with Groupon launched a serious attitude negotiations. During the month, there are rumors that YAHOO intends to acquire Groupon, the highest bid of $2 billion. At that time, analysts said that if YAHOO really wants to reach the deal, is likely to be forced to raise the offer to 3 billion to $4 billion.

Er quoted informed sources said that the current negotiations with Google’s acquisition of Groupon is still in its early stages, the two sides may eventually be unable to reach any substantive agreement.

for Google plans to acquire Groupon rumors, a Google spokesman said in an e-mail, the company will not comment on any speculation. Groupon a spokesman did not make a positive response, saying that the outside world expressed concern about Groupon".

other potential buyers

informed sources also revealed that, although Groupon investors still want the company to maintain an independent identity, but if there is a buyer willing to pay a high price, Groupon management will not be opposed. In addition to Google, a number of other Internet Co are also interested in the acquisition of Groupon, but the ability to acquire high priced Groupon potential buyers, that is, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and eBay, etc.. For eBay, the acquisition of Groupon in line with its market development strategy.

Er pointed out that Google had already begun to vigorously into the social networking business, and had tried to buy the U.S. shop review site Yelp, but the two sides failed to reach an agreement. If Google can successfully acquire Groupon, no doubt with the latter to expand the scale of Google’s advertising business. From this perspective, Google’s acquisition of Groupon, as the company in 2006 to $1 billion 600 million acquisition of video sharing site YouTube, the purpose is to achieve diversification of Google’s business.

antitrust investigation

Er believes that if Google and Groupon eventually reached an agreement, it is likely to face tougher antitrust investigation from the regulatory authorities. Google announced in November last year, will be $750 million acquisition of mobile advertising company AdMob. However, the deal was the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) antitrust investigation until May this year, the transaction was approved.

Google announced in early July this year, will be $700 million acquisition of U.S. flight information software developer ITA. Through the transaction, not only will make Google online travel search >