Jiang Likun three basic forms and writing skills of soft Wen

marketing is a systematic project, not one or two words can be explained clearly, so this is not what crash course, just want to cast a brick to attract jade and, I hope to give you some inspiration and some help.

what is soft

first and we must clear a concept, what is soft wen. The so-called soft Wen, is a pointer to a product to promote the article, that from this point of view, can achieve the effect of the article, can be called soft wen.

what is a good soft

believe that everyone wants to write the so-called "good" soft, don’t want to write something let people. That how to write in order to call the user "good" it is very simple to help users solve the problem?. If you write something that can help users solve problems, especially some of the problems that make the user a headache, the user will certainly be called good". Of course, the article you want to promote the product to integrate some of the natural, not too stiff and let users dislike.

a lot of people may think it is difficult, in fact, is not difficult, the most important thing is a writing mentality problem. As long as each article as a normal application to write the article, and forget the "soft" two words, intentions to write it, the user will eventually recognize you. With the "heart" to write the article, is not the same.

how to enlarge the effect of soft

often in the Admin5, portal, push a, China Adsense station and other sites to see some webmaster friends write soft. To tell the truth, many are good, but the effect is not necessarily good, or that the effect can be enlarged. That how to enlarge the effect of soft text? Twelve words!

1, to create a series of articles

The coverage and the effect of

article is limited, but we have seen once, can not have Duoda impression. But a similar article to write his ten, the coverage of the crowd and the effect is not only 1+1 is equal to 2 so simple. And users often see similar articles, will greatly enhance the impression of the relevant products. It is also easy to form such a series of articles, such as adding a unified prefix in the title, adding a unified author. Or in the content, there is a certain consistency.

2, shaping the brand image

in addition to the article a certain correlation, the formation of series, but also through these articles to shape some image. The image can be a person, a virtual image, or a product. Give an example:

A, the "human" example: mouchangqing I believe we all know, he is a typical article to establish their own brand image examples. He writes it may not be much, a total of dozens, but he insisted on writing for more than three years, and these articles are very useful to the users of the article, this one, for a long time, we do not have to remember him.