How to do a good job in the strategic layout of nternet operations


the most attractive is the layout, a seemingly carefree in that place, who also did not understand this meaning, also did not care about this role, but when another two sides began competing after the dragon fight, all the way to the end when suddenly discovered this bullet too deadly that decision is a winning dishfuls; this will extremely master layout, the master will see the encirclement of the ordinary road is critical in such a siege, if there is to give up the battlefield at its initial stage, in addition to open up.

this is the strategic layout.

I am not what master, but I understand the layout ideas, many people in the Internet, tactics, but neglect the layout, grasp the fast money but shoudaoqinlai, often required for the project, until later, there is no point accumulation, because often need to open up new areas, all from the new project, then later explosive force and it’s very difficult to get bonus.

what is the project power, what is the project bonus, such as I do the decoration, for a long time, reputation accumulation, many people heard my name is not new; contacts have accumulated, a long time, do this thing with my master more and more experience has accumulated in this. Industry, is the true connoisseur, outsiders to be admired;

There is a

mode, the mode of making money, in fact, any company will have fresh things, living things, but some companies went bankrupt or three years gone, the good stuff was excavated, such as my river level model, this model is generally used in the guerrillas, basically after the payment of the first construction, but because I do a long time, the research effort, pattern of big, beyond the guerrillas into itself, than the regular army regular army group, the venture capital favored by people from all walks of life recognized, but the benefits of additional, if so for many years I just to make money and make money, the decoration of the project is very easy to rise, so it is difficult to get an additional bonus.

this point to sum up what it called on business, a thorough.

someone to see the project is the first choice of high profit is not high, but did not consider whether the project is deceptive suspects, such as medical, I remember that a search engine click them to more than 1 thousand, will this project with the feet want to know must exist deceptive phenomenon, so this project even more you don’t want to make money, to engage in, because some long-term can not get a bonus, there must be additional risk.

now the vast majority of people who hate the things at home, think it is nonsense, it is deceive consumers, but I tell you, with nine years of experience, if you do not consider the level of road, must not long, say for example, when I have a painter, I do yes, I live in the school online, because it is in my way, so the union is also good, but he is cleverer than I am, promised to customer good plate, when the customers face to pull the sheet to the site.