The commercial survival of a ferocious catfish Zhou Hongyi VS Baidu Tencent Kingsoft


as long as Zhou Hongyi’s China Internet, we will never worry about the lack of attention, slobber and competition, and successively in the Tencent, Baidu off the Internet in the reign of 360, gradually grow become let Robin Li, Ma Huateng at the power of.

But after

, Baidu, Tencent and Jinshan three party alliance, facing three English war Lv Bu situation, always prides itself on being "surrounded China Internet catfish" Zhou Hongyi how to break the opponent’s


he first thought is, teamed up with Google and Lei Jun "reconciliation", is to resolve the crisis through gezonglianheng strategy.

article from the business week / Chinese version.

teamed up with Google

spoiler and shot Zhou Hongyi.

this time, he not only do the "moral attack" on the search, search 360 resolutely refused medical advertisements, said "we can’t earn dirty money"; with commercial killer, and Google reached a cooperation, "foreign forces" aggressive and may be reached, Google took the opportunity to return to the market China.

January 12th, Zhou Hongyi and Google chairman ·, (Eric Schmidt) to sit together, which has just ended the high-profile North Korea trip to Beijing. Since March 2010, Google announced its withdrawal from the Chinese mainland, the Chinese search market, a dominant Baidu, the market share was expanded to 80%, while Google fell from 43% to 5%.

at the beginning of January, Bloomberg News quoted U.S. research institutions Wedge Partners news, Qihoo 360 and Google China cooperation may be at the beginning of 2013.

January 15th, Qihoo 360 President Qi Xiangdong confirmed the news to the "business weekly / Chinese version", but refused to disclose more details of cooperation. This day, 360 search officially released an open platform strategy, including access to high quality vertical search engine, to partner free application box (oneBox), three levels of free certification website, claimed that partners have reached thousands, such as Gould, Ctrip, etc..

although tight lipped specific business model in 360, but when the 360 search users, will be found in the part of the right side of the results page and will appear above the Google keyword advertising. It is reported that the advertising links from Google advertising, the two sides are divided into. Google Chinese before CEO, innovation works chairman Li Kaifu believes that the Tencent and the development track of the same: search early in the search and advertising are dependent on Google, finally own on-line advertising system.

famous American analyst · Cohen wrote that orr column;, although Google cooperation with the 360 of the latter in the search market share of little help, "but,"