The new Google Caffeine search over the upcoming beta

in November 11th, according to foreign media reports, the new version of Google search engine Caffeine end beta, is expected soon to launch to the public on the



new Google search Caffeine end online will soon launch

Google announced in August this year, is developing a new search engine, codenamed Caffeine". The search engine on the Google search infrastructure to make a larger change, not the use of the interface upgrade. The industry has speculated that this is a Microsoft (Bing), a kind of counter attack, but Google officials have denied this statement.

Google has said that Caffeine aims to improve the speed, accuracy and comprehensiveness of the search engine index.

previously, the beta version of Caffeine has a small number of developers are measured, at the same time, Google also quietly debug Caffeine test version.

is reported that the current Caffeine test page has been closed, replaced by a Google official statement. According to the statement, the sandbox Caffeine has ended, and soon in a data center officially launched. "According to our observations, we believe that Caffeine is ready to accept a wide range of testing, will soon be launched for the public, but first it will appear in a data center."

industry insiders said that with the new Google search technology Caffeine on the line, Google search results will also be subtle changes.