Express the safety production standard to implement the first day the real name system visual inspe

at the end of 2015, the State Post Bureau examined and adopted the "safe operation of express production specification" (referred to as the "standard"), and will be formally implemented in June 1, 2016. The "standard" clear, visual inspection of the box of goods, verify the sender information to the sender name "postal industry standards".

June 1st, surging news reporter sent a piece of experience found that the implementation of the mandatory standards on the first day of low execution rate. The reporter learned from the parties, the "standard" there is no corresponding punishment rules, the relevant departments will take on illegal courier companies, after the rectification measures agreed on.

surveyed more than courier industry insiders said the surging news reporters, the current specification of the relation between the problem to solve is: implement the formulation of supporting laws and regulations, the sender privacy security, express company profit of the three.

real name system, visual inspection of the box provisions of

June 1st, surging news reporter to the sender’s identity called Shen Tong, Tong, rhyme ZJS express company customer service hotline for consultation.

"now needs to be tested throughout the country." Customer service staff have said that in the mail, it is recommended not to seal the package, the salesman needs to open the inspection.

mentioned the need to show the identity card to the courier, courier companies to give the reply is not the same. For example, through courier Longhua shop staff told reporters that the company internal regulations, without the consent of the customer mailing, courier shall not open the customer has been packaged goods inspection, at the same time, also do not need to show your ID card to the courier. Shen Tong customer service staff said: do not need an identity card. Some salesman will ask to produce, some salesman will not." Rhyme customer service staff said the sender must show ID to the courier. In the customer service staff said, will put the sender’s identity information to fill in the express pass a booklet, taken care of. Zhaijisong said that if the sender would not produce identity cards can be made on the spot to be forced.

the actual mailing process is? Rhyme courier come to collect the articles directly, gave reporters a reporter to express information documents, fill out, give him the packaged goods, the courier did not see the reporter’s identity documents, did not take the initiative to open the package as the inspection requirements. Until the reporter asked: "whether you need to open the package as the inspection?" asked the courier to the box is filled with what, to the reporter said, he did not check out of the box.

"do you need to provide your ID card information?" the reporter then asked. "No, you write your name." The courier replied. But in fact, the reporter did not write the real name.

the above situation occurred in the subsequent experience of reporters in the process of 3 courier companies. Through courier to couriers do not even know the "safety operation specification" express, and clearly told reporters, even if there is also impossible every single sender verification of identity information, visual inspection of the box.