The vice president of network redundancy with violence Official response no dismissal

news December 29th, today the vice president a letter circulated on the Internet the double pull hook net to employees inside the letter shows that the two companies because of dissatisfaction with their employees across the investigation and unwarranted demanded the expulsion of staff, has submitted a letter of resignation to the company CEO and the human resources department, immediate resignation.


popular online vice president of the double pull hook net to employees within the

channel screenshot

according to the spread of internal letter shows that the two in its leave the company within a few days, the company’s financial department to get the boss to authorize investigation of BSD sales this month, transportation reimbursement, violence charge mobile phone BSD of all employees, and to bill resolution to dismiss 3 employees. Wen said he was very reluctant to agree to such behavior, and decided to resign.

pull hook net matter to TechWeb said in response, on the double resignation, have not received any news, the company did not dismiss employees this thing, employees are normal work. (Zhou Xiaobai)

following is the spread of the Internet the network vice president Wen double resignation letter:

"to pull hook net BSD all staff"



last week, due to physical reasons and my grandfather, grandmother, two old man is about to apply for a return to the office of to return to Guangzhou for a week, after agreeing to return to Guangzhou.

when I left Guangzhou for a few days, the company’s financial department to get the boss authorization to start in a variety of ways to check the BSD sales of 300 yuan this month’s traffic reimbursement, and taking notes again on the weekend will hold the management problem and resolution on Monday dismissed Chen Chen, Lin Fang Fei, Chen Ruihong.

for this I firmly oppose the company does not agree with me across the Department staff to investigate and unwarranted dismissal requirements.

BSD and I every employee law-abiding, seriously hard work, or no one hundred times earnings growth this year and more than 60 million of sales, BSD and I each employee for the company to make contribution obvious to people we all act! Is responsible for shareholders.

this afternoon I was the boss of the company led the finance department and others into the Beijing Office of BSD, BSD mobile phone charge violence of all employees, and started to talk and questions, for such behavior I said does not agree, and sorry


in spite of the company and all of my employees BSD dignity, the use of such a way, I am deeply sad, I have just solemnly to the company CEO and human resources department submitted a letter of resignation. Resign immediately!

I don’t know what will happen and what was unwarranted hat, but I believe in justice, uphold the truth


thank you! Goodbye!

Wen Shuang