Chongqing’s first restaurant closed inside


Chongqing reservation network business is the business do not buy it, consumers do not buy it.

He Changxiao summed up the experience of failure

with the Beijing "git network" gradually became popular and get VCs favor, ordering website temporarily swept the country, but the network ordering industry is the birth of numerous failed heroes. Yesterday, the city’s first ordering network founder He Changxiao to open up, detailing his business failure experience. In the case of inadequate preparation, entrepreneurship is not as beautiful as it seems. I just hope that the latecomers can learn from my experience."

lack of investigation hastily launched

He Changxiao a few years ago to work in the field, but has always been back home business ideas. "Since I love to eat, see again ‘git net’ successful, I think this mode can be introduced into Chongqing."

"in Chongqing is famous for the famous delicacy, Hot pot, open a net ordering without the word of success." Through the initial investigation, He Changxiao found that the network forms of ordering in Chongqing has not appeared. In January 2006, in the absence of excessive market investigation, He Changxiao’s "Chongqing reservation network" was formally established. But He Changxiao did not think that it is the hasty first, to "Chongqing orders food web" death foreshadowed.

comprehensive cloning

The climate does not suit one.In fact,

, Beijing "git" profit model is very simple: the restaurant to charge membership fees and commissions, and with some advertising revenue. Follow this path, He Changxiao’s "Chongqing net ordering" aimed at the beginning of cooperation and fast-food restaurants, by annual fee earnings. But at the beginning it was running a head-on blow.

is a fast food restaurant is not willing to pay an annual fee, two of the orders are empty, the restaurant is not willing to send 70%." He Changxiao said that many fast food restaurants are not willing to try, so very few members. In order to enhance popularity, the site had to start free service.

free service merchants to accept, but the room is a problem. Many fast food restaurant business is very good, the light is the store busy, no time on the Internet to see ordering information, sometimes even see also because of busy and not. "A lot of customers to order food, the restaurant is not sent, which greatly affected the credibility of the website."

supports a year closing

next, He Changxiao made a profit on the way, from the previous year to become an annual fee charged by each order. Partners are also extended to the upscale hotel, and signed a bill with more than and 400 hotels, do a business to raise a sum of money.

really implemented, it was found that the vulnerability is not small." He Changxiao said that orders down after the hotel have room service, whether the customer to consumer businesses, how much consumption, these sites simply cannot hold, leading to the extraction into not mentioned very little income, "Chongqing restaurant" difficult.

"I haven’t hit the road yet, but I have a peer."