Homemade drama into the trend of online video warfare Ecological Marketing

in recent years, a variety of online games have mushroomed, endless. Not far, near the point, at the end of last year, "Mi months biography" Princess "promotion", this year’s hot sun "," descendants "I sleep in the upper brothers", an on-line access to numerous users praise and vigorously pursued. With the continued fiery network drama, the major Internet video companies have begun to actively build or invest in the Internet ecosystem.

homemade drama popular, the industry trend

From "

", "wonderful dad where to go", "you look delicious" network variety show, to the "Tomb notes", "Mi month biography", "Princess promotion" and other network TV series, the popularity of self-made drama Taylor and reputation, by virtue of these self content, the network video platform also received hundreds of millions or billions of high flow.

currently obtaining network content including UGC, PGC, Sino foreign cooperative play etc., with programs homogenization serious gradually, copyright fees have gone up, each big video website for copyright, is not willing to spend lots of money to acquire, also will be "membership" to attract traffic, such as Iqiyi last year. "Tomb notes" and this year’s "seed" in the sun, open broadcast at the same time members, members can get ahead of the video content, the latter is when playing only 5 sets, won nearly 400 million of the traffic, it also shows that the homemade quality content to flow is very important.

2016 will be more homemade play crazy year, whether it is the major video sites investment, or the user’s favorite, because of the popularity of mobile Internet itself led to the development of video website, also makes the Internet users maturity gradually increased." Cable technology leader Wang always think.

major video sites actively integrate ecological marketing

entertainment consumption upgrade, promote the development of the content, with the increase in the concentration of the video market, membership payment business will grow. Major video sites based on homemade drama, micro video, such as constantly exploring new development model, and actively integrate ecological marketing.

from "Princess promotion", "I sleep in the upper brothers" and the recent very popular variety "you look delicious" these self-made drama, LETV pocketed the eye, these self-made drama has brought a large number of IP to the music video, "platform + content + terminal + application ecosystem the music has been committed to build, is also in sports, music, animation to accelerate the field of force.

and Iqiyi, Youku potatoes and other video sites also actively integrate the Internet to create ecological. Iqiyi itself has rich video content, which is also the core power to open up the industry chain, the beginning of this year, Iqiyi mobile client integrates VIP membership, games, electricity providers, friends and other entertainment services, the video playback, IP development and derivative services strategy system landing. Iqiyi founder and CEO Gong Yu said that the future of Iqiyi will open with the >