Good website traffic can only come from the search


king in some suggestions "buy" website should pay attention to in the article mentioned "when you see the other traffic statistics, please be sure to check each other’s antecedents. Now a lot of people to build a number of short-term large flow site to sell, they will be in Digg, StumbleUpon and other sites to recommend the article, leaving the link, and then get a large short-term flow. Note that these sites want to long-term operation of your site, you may not be a good business model. So, please view the website background, to see how much traffic from search engines. If more than 70% of traffic from a variety of search engines, then this is a good site." The idea of graph king I beg to differ.

if you are of this opinion and practice so as the college entrance examination, the thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers crowded bridge. The final result is only one to complain of graph king on the site will be more and more people, because everyone thought Baidu make flow, Baidu will cost more to his willful. I remember when I make music station for 05 years, when the qq163 site has been known to the world, but to the Baidu search QQ163, found a lot of garbage, but the real QQ163 has been removed from Baidu. Then I went to QQ163 to see what was found for QQ163 hao123 hung a pop-up dialog box asking friends whether to set HAO123 to the home page, is actually for HAO123 advertising, and the 123 is QQ163 webmaster do, then how to spend astronomical results or Baidu acquired HAO123. And this webmaster Li Xingping use this model and the success of the site. If you are interested, you can see that there are several large entertainment websites linked to each other on the 4399 menu. Some people may say that Li Xingping is a man. I have that level, which have the resources? But you personal Adsense, you have not thought about, Li Xingping is a man, but he is our early career, vision, if we are good at observing life, good at looking for opportunities from the side, we do not want to say Li Xingping can do so successfully, at least you can to fight our way out.

for example, now our country into the aging society, which gives us a good opportunity, so I do the 21 middle-aged network

of course, the promotion of the new site is very difficult, need to spend a lot of effort, and not necessarily successful. Here I can cite an example of my friend. He made a lot of movie stations, each station tens of thousands of IP is just a matter of two months, so he collected every month in more than 10 thousand, but his station does not rely on Baidu. Because in the past few years, the video station has not come out (that is, last year, 56 and other stations is not enough cattle B is also the case), most of the search site on Baidu is a movie station for cheating search, simply can not see online. If my friend went to the Baidu crowded bridge not only crowded and do not flow to head broken and bleeding, so my friend used to buy traffic to other websites and early >