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I engaged in clerical work for many years, is keen on collecting all kinds of classic copywriting as science students was born, and very fond of copywriting, so trying to find a rule or law, can be a good copy of the summary together to make a methodology, but now only a slight experience, to share with everyone here.

below to give you some of my personal opinion –

first of all, I think there is a classification of copywriting, different copies of the application for different scenarios and uses, the applicable methods and theories are also different. But one principle is the same:


what is sales logic?

for example, you are selling mobile phone, in the street just to find a person to sell your mobile phone, this time a simple game of words is of no use, you must find a reason to persuade his

, for this reason, I call him sales logic.

from this point of view, I think that can be divided into 3 kinds of text – motivation copy, product copy, packaging copy. Each copy is suitable for different products and occasions.

below to give you an analysis of different types of paper products and writing methods.

motivation copywriter

scope of application:

new categories, new forms of service and the vast majority of the start-up brand

what is motivation copy?

, for example, you are a car washing company, when you face the customer, the first problem to be solved is to provide a choice to let him choose to wash the car instead of washing the car wash car motivation. This time, whether you speak about feelings, ideas, speak good, out of the motivation of choice, consumers will only say "very interesting oh", and will not give up the original washing habits — people’s consumption habits are hard to change.

, for example, I have seen a copy:



is a courier and a valet come together, a customer service, a service car

What is the problem with

‘s statement that it does not give a clear consumer motivation?.

and FedEx do comparison is a good idea, but it is not a copy to the customer to give up the car wash reason, instead of the usual consumption inertia based on, it is difficult to let them do change choose home wash.

if I were to write this paper, I would write that –


The logic behind the

is that it’s a waste of time for consumers to realize that it’s a waste of time to queue up in a car wash