Website promotion and evil action

‘s article on "sex" brings me nearly 100 PV a day: "talk about sex novels, adult novels, and pornography.".

I’ve forgotten when this article was posted on my website. This is a half the nature of the article, the author is only about their reading process and the perception of yellow novels ", of course, no those" blatant pornography is not fit to be seen". But interestingly, this article just as some sites hanging reader appetite and soft, I inadvertently "dipping". The reason for this is that now against yellow gambling sites, inventory of pornographic content, in the search engine has been difficult to search for the yellow stuff, so similar to "talk about sex novels, novels and adult pornographic novels" this kind of article surfaced, often enter the search engine "sex, adult, porn" etc. keyword search results page.

so I have an idea: processing a contains the class keyword garbage article (called "soft" line), of course is not a simple keyword list, that’s no technical content, but in the form of a similar "paper" form, or in the form of a novel, so as to change the page click on, and will not be pegged to the police, will not be regarded as search engine spam. Of course, in the final analysis is still rubbish and boring information, but it can give some of the initial site to promote the click.

we are interested in the words I reprint this article along with the appendix to your website, see the effect how? Pay attention to the regular site does not recommend the use of the "evil action", this is the promotion of the decision, it may damage the reputation of the website, in the long run is not worthwhile.