Google agency dispute no substantive progress

The Google dealership dispute

recently confused, yesterday continued to upgrade. The afternoon of October 20th, Google Asia Pacific Sales Director Aliza Knox personally arrived in Shanghai, and had publicly accused Google of agency shady "7 agents on behalf of the negotiations. Google lost confidence in China’s agents can finally face to face with more people, but the negotiations did not get substantive progress.

it is understood that yesterday’s negotiations for a full four hours. 7 agency spokesman Fan Meiyong told the Yangcheng Evening News reporter, the two sides will deal with the problem of frame and principles and other aspects of the exchange, but in general is floating on the surface, did not reach a substantive plan".

September 27th, Google East China 7 agents received Google’s notice on the termination of the contract, and then take immediate action. The more than and 20 day, they contacted Google to sit down, to find a public complaint from the media, and then rushed to the Google office in Shanghai protest…… Every fight, get some response to Google, or is declared "auction 7 agents agency", or temporarily stop the auction, and.

yesterday’s talks, 7 agents are most concerned about is whether their business will be auctioned? Whether signed with Google with more than a year of contract has inevitably terminated after the termination of the contract? How can they obtain the corresponding compensation? Meiyong Fan said, they are on the above problems. But did not reach any conclusion, the negotiations between the two sides is more like the last time to find the protagonist after the first exchange of views.

more than four hours of negotiations also includes "Google China shady" topic. 7 agents to reflect, called a "public goods interactive advertising (Beijing) Co., Ltd." once in Google announced the cancellation of their agency qualification before the proposed acquisition of Hangzhou Netcom to Internet technology and several agents. And this product interaction, is one of the two agents in Beijing in the Google region, behind the scenes by Google China, a channel responsible for controlling 55% stake. Fan Meiyong said, in order to finance public goods interaction, negotiated with a VC, if the public goods to several other agents with agent qualification, VC will give $3 million investment. He said, if the bidding continues, "the Google surface will recruit 6 agents bid, can actually make Beijing public goods and Beijing Zibolan two agencies bid", this is a redistribution of interests.

obviously, is this part of the "dark side" of the talks, let 7 agents be reassured. Fan Meiyong said that the loss of confidence in Google China’s 7 agents, through yesterday’s negotiations, how much of Google’s Asia Pacific Sales Director Aliza established a certain trust. They hope to be able to communicate on the basis of yesterday, continue to communicate with them and achieve satisfactory results.

Fan Meiyong said that the 7 agents will be later in the conference call to exchange views, then unified announced their next action plan.

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