Foreign media comment on the 2016 best and worst electronic brand your list

nowadays, the competition between electronic products is becoming more and more fierce, and every year is a great battle. Apple Google, these world-class giant is still strong, HUAWEI, OPPO and other domestic representatives also gradually emerge. 2016 Zhanmu fall, a few happy tears? Pocketnow, authoritative website sector analysis of electronic products, in the past year the industry wins are reviewed. It cited the highest flying 5 companies and the worst hit of the 5 companies, a considerable reference value.


several happy?



"the new year, we have to go beyond apple!" days ago, HUAWEI CEO Yu Chengdong is claimed. Although this heroic utterance make people feel excited, but realistically expect HUAWEI to apple in 2018 before the global intelligent mobile phone sales ranking challenging is not realistic. However, such a crazy goal is not groundless, stability is the biggest advantage of HUAWEI and other brands have a cold period, but HUAWEI’s sales are always considerable.

scraped away the cold figures aside, even in the world, HUAWEI is a rare high, medium and low-end mobile phone brands take. Compared to the identity of Google partners, HUAWEI is more impressive is the success of the two series models – P9, P9plus, as well as glory 8, 5X.



2016 is not the best year for apple, but it’s enough. The construction of new headquarters in Cupertino has become a huge money machine, the massive iPhone here for tons of dollars. In this year, apple subtly moving topic, to avoid scandal, the design of iPhone7 wireless headset is triggered a heated debate: how many people have it released

all night insomnia?

to be honest, iPhone7 is a mobile phone innovation concept of the product is not?. But as always, apple is a perfect example of some of the characteristics of competitors, such as waterproof and camera design, and maintain the quality and reputation of the product.



Fitbit, wearable market leader, 000 years the center of the topic, do two things in 2016. On the one hand, it has maintained and consolidated the leading position in technology, and almost no company can crack it. On the other hand, it is also very successful cooperation with smart watch manufacturers Pebble. To say that there is really a competitor can pose a threat to Fitbit, then it is only Apple’s iWatch bar.

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