Jocie Guo made two and four behind the 14 day trial Angel sister denied because of its popularity

Angel sister also hit on the network.

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Angel sister denied because of Li two split four "popular" popular entertainment before I met him in

August 8th, Beijing Chaoyang people’s Court issued a notice by the official micro-blog trial, scheduled for August 14th morning 9 when hearing Erma angel Beijing Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Erma interactive marketing planning Co., defendant Yang Xiuyu (screen name Li two split four "), Lu Mei illegal business case. At that time the hospital will broadcast micro-blog trial.

Beijing Erma Angel cultural ", many netizens immediately think of going from Sichuan" angel sister network reds". On the evening of 9, WCC reporter a telephone interview with "angel sister", she specially commissioned WCC said in a statement: "I have never joined the" Li two split four "what Yang Xiuyu’s Erma Erma company. The company does not have any relationship with me."

on the evening of 9, WCC reporter a telephone interview with angel sister: "do you know Yang Xiuyu?" Frank "angel sister Erma Yina replied:" I know Yang Xiuyu. But I’m not through his debut in Beijing speculation, seized the Erma company also has no relationship with me. In 2006, I became famous. In December 2006, I went to Shanghai to participate in the annual party, met with him at the fan meeting. He said, "he’s a fan of mine. He wants to help my manager with my daily work.". But a few months later, he left. When my father was in hospital in Beijing in 2007, he came to the hospital to see me and said he wanted to do his own company, but he didn’t have enough money. I was afterwards that he used to do "Erma company name"."

when asked why not protect their right of reputation, Erma Yina said: "Erma meaning" Qiang ", not only I a person. But I was younger, did not care about what he has to do a "

Erma company!

on the evening of 9, "angel sister Erma Yina hoping WCC issued a statement: first, I only know Yang Xiuyu, but I know him in popular entertainment; two, I never joined Yang Xiuyu Erma company, media look fair and objective report. (West China Metropolis Daily reporter Du Enhu)

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Gan Lulu is also his fried red

this year, 41 year old Yang Xiuyu (screen name Li Li two split four), is the people of Jilin. In 2006, he let the pin for villa become an Internet event in Jocie Guo, hype the event also has his shadow. Jocie Guo claimed in commercial general manager red and show up, Li two split four "attack red. Li two split four "still use pornography means of speculation, for many women to become famous, Gan Lulu nude model has triggered controversy is one of the products of its hype. In last year