Faye Wong out of 100 million yuan network copyright royalties Tencent video why the last to play dis

a few days down, including the network and tiger sniffing to find insiders broke the news, Faye Wong concert in a variety of disputes, the following several related to Tencent:

1, concert ticket agent is the largest Tencent tickets;

2, the concert organizers have magnolia, compass culture and video Tencent;

3, Tencent video to buy a live concert exclusive right to buy

on the above points, the tiger sniffing travelled to Zhichun Road Xigema building Tencent network media division (composed of Tencent.com, Tencent, Tencent video) exclusive video live music operation for Deng Linhai, to disclose the name of the Tencent Faye Wong concert video broadcast project operation and responsible person (hereinafter referred to as "responsible for the project").

talk about cooperation is two years, two years later, Faye Wong price

in June this year, the outside world confirmed that Faye Wong will be on the concert in December, but the first contact with the Tencent video team to talk about 2 years of cooperation has been a long time to talk about the. Project official said, at the beginning of the end of last year to open (Concert), and has been pushed to the end of this year. From the first half of last year, we have talked about copyright. But last year they gave a very high price, the market we all know a high price. At that time, we feel that we can not meet, we do not talk about this matter."

this "everyone knows the price" is the June transmission network crazy music and Ali Faye Wong concert webcast cooperation price — 100 million yuan, when it speaks with every detail vividly described, everyone thought That’s final..

live responsible person said, in 2015, Faye Wong brokerage company (KATIE CHAN PRODUCTIONS CO.LTD, the agent of Faye Wong Chen Jiaying’s company) has opened a 100 million yuan fee "concert broadcast copyright, copyright and most of them are with star brokers to talk to them to do" right "at the time, the Tencent involved in the concert video the broadcast business soon.

and Faye Wong will sing in the competition of network broadcast rights of the Internet Co, Tencent Ali music video, may also include is also concerned about the star concert live music as music or other ready to test the water concert live business video website.

June, network transfer Ali won the right to live concert, bid 100 million yuan. Deng Linhai said, Ali out of such a price, we basically gave up, the price is not in line with the market."

until September, shortly before the Faye Wong concert conference, Tencent won the right to live in the last minute. Deng Linhai also think that everything happened some suddenly, "we always thought that Ali, harmonious, found Ali did not buy the right to live, we say again to ask for it," which opened the Tencent and the second video Faye Wong talks.

Tencent video with what can hit discount buy live rights?