CCTV exposing network gambling once the set out amazing insider manipulation

Guangdong police cracked a large cross-border online gambling case, has arrested 1701 suspects, the freezing of funds 330 million yuan, the number of participants, gambling funds in the country. The boss behind the territory of Thailand technical team operation, maintenance, network technology "gamblers accomplice". So who created the biggest online gambling case?

China Thailand police cooperate with cracked the largest since the founding of the Internet gambling case

in 2010 in Guangdong province public security organs found in daily work, the eastern region has a large network of gambling gangs for the domestic high frequency lottery betting, gambling staff of many. Guangdong police carried out a number of special attacks, captured a group of bookmakers and gamblers. Oddly enough, every time a gambling website is closed, it will soon be a new alternative.

with the city’s police will report a similar case to the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau, a clue caused the provincial, hall of attention.

Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau police network case investigation section chief Lin Changchun: this has the same domain name of these sites, it should be from the same group of people to manage.

February 2014, the Guangdong provincial public security department set up a code named "221" task force, looking for the core team behind these gambling sites. Through technical means of investigation and study, targeting a company in Guangdong city of Shantou province. Shengting decided to Chaozhou City Public Security Bureau investigation task to close to the city of Shantou.

Guangdong City Public Security Bureau police detachment three brigade Deputy captain Su Lei: including the 2012 destroyed some gambling sites, that is to use a 25U such a domain name.

Guangdong City Public Security Bureau, deputy director of the network police detachment Weng Jie: because we found a lot of a lot of domain names after the investigation, some clues are pointing to some overseas.

Chaozhou Municipal Public Security Bureau also found through daily tracking, Shantou, the gang and a team in Thailand seems to have maintained communication.

Su Lei: at that time we can grasp the two Thailand phone, who is the specific person, is not really in Thailand, we really do not know.

Chaozhou Municipal Public Security Bureau will immediately report the clues to the ministries and agencies. Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Thailand police coordination, found that the site is located in the Taiwan gambling site server, server data is located in Thailand.


was found in the process of the Capitol deserted manor is Nakhon Pathom criminals in Thailand crime dens

"221 case" in Guangdong Province, the net action relates to Chinese area of Taiwan and Thailand three police layout and coordination. With the completion of the investigation team intelligence collection in Thailand, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau decided in December 23, 2014 unified action.