Daily topic Ma strong push from the inside to resist WeChat push Ali mobile social dream

station network (www.admin5.com) October 21st news, news sources claimed that the Alibaba chairman of the board Ma at noon yesterday in the post Alibaba internal forum, stressed the importance of mobile communication products and from the Alibaba for the importance of each worker forced Ali before the end of November must have 100 users from outside, and in the post is for WeChat challenge. Ma said. "The biggest feature is the tens of thousands of employees unyielding spirit," said the old man should be "spirit to challenge X".

Ma Yun eBay and WeChat in 2003 compared to ten years ago, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, so that WeChat is not so strong, the "too high to be reached" push "contacts, who do not participate, who should not stay in this company. Because this is what each of us can do, this is not a strategy, this is Ali’s efforts to survive in the wireless era of power". Ma Yun will be the number of friends and employees from the red hook, the number of friends less than 100 people deemed to give up red.

after the investment unfamiliar street, Sina, micro-blog and other mobile social products, Ali released its own mobile IM products". And from Lu Zhaoxi’s internal mail (mail in August 21st) we can also see the importance of Ali this product, it may be another ace Ali to seize the mobile Internet entrance, but also to seize the entrance, instead of mobile shopping entrance, this is Ali to exchange position. This layout is a dream? In the field of mobile Internet, the Alibaba in the long layout, in the year 1 to June, Ali’s "mobile phone Taobao client only added the number of users exceeded 100 million active users, compared with the same period last year increased by 3 times, micro Amoy public account and the introduction of the new test two months, has more than 50 million users access.

from the current point of view, most of the Alibaba radio service by Lu Zhaoxi personally. For the products, Alibaba executives and even put forward, within a year to achieve the goal of covering 100 million users, Alibaba has become one of the core business in the field of social. Is it true that it will change the pattern of the mobile IM? Or as easy as the letter, just a flash in the pan, but Ali’s wishful social dream?

is the following Ma internal content:

my current communication tool is 80%. I used to think that there was nothing special about it, it was not unique, but now I can’t live without it. Because my greatest pleasure is to help it grow and improve… A good product, improve it, maybe it is the biggest characteristic of tens of thousands of employees with indomitable spirit, the spirit of the foolish old man to challenge X…

. 10 years ago, no one would believe that Taobao will defeat the great rival eBay, after ten years we don’t have a try? Many people regret not having the opportunity to participate in the war, but this time each of us can participate in. Who is not involved, who should not stay in this company. Because it’s something we all can do