The advantage of content creation deadlock in today’s headlines or collapse the market will return t

Baidu World Conference in September 1st, the number of hundred as a strategic Baidu content ecosystem, once again mentioned. Lu Fubin, vice president of Baidu in the afternoon of the content of ecological sub forum, said Baidu content ecological plan based on artificial intelligence technology, the content of production, distribution, realization of the three links in series. But at this point from the June Baidu Union summit officially launched a number of more than 3 months, the market has left hundreds of opportunities and windows still exist?


traffic and the realization of the content of the creators of the dead loop

in the most popular content of entrepreneurship in these two years, we have witnessed a lot of WeChat public order of tens of millions of fans, the valuation of billions of dollars, which makes many people surging, open to the content of entrepreneurship, but after dividends disappear mostly trough. From the second half of last year, the number of public article open rate is rapidly declining. Increase public numbers, bring good content of prosperity, but also brought a lot of content, users have been tired of the access to information from the public, and the public in the "Rose" powder also hit the "ceiling".

after all, WeChat public, while solving the connected entrepreneurs and fans, the formation of the economic community by focusing on the fans, but due to the positioning of WeChat to the center of the platform, the lack of distribution mechanism, which makes a lot of content is often difficult to reach the target audience. After the user bonus faded, WeChat number of public access to fans of the cost will rise, talent shows itself has become largely a luxury.

and this is to create opportunities with today’s headlines, distribution technology of personalized recommendation, the content of today’s headlines to entrepreneurs and pointed out a new way: the dissemination of content can no longer rely on fans, the personalized recommendation based on user interest but. To a large extent, today’s headlines have also become WeChat, the second largest content base. With A new force suddenly rises. headlines today, the content of entrepreneurship can be said to usher in a new wave of climax.

followed by Tencent, Ali and today’s headlines between the three platforms increasingly fierce debate. Describe the current market is perhaps the feudal lords vying for the throne, the best one. For content creators, at this time of the platform in order to compete for the core users, but also willing to give a variety of subsidies to support the quality of content, the content of entrepreneurship to some extent ushered in a brief spring.

but soon we found that the pattern of today’s headlines there is no small problem, too much emphasis on the personalized recommendation of the machine, making the platform largely ignored the importance of fans to content creators. This is an embarrassing phenomenon is that no matter how hard the content creators on the platform, the flow is often not their own. Of course, today’s headlines are thinking about the problem, and the introduction of a series of lifting weights and the recommended index account number index, the headlines is a visual reference factor, in addition to today’s headlines also launched similar 100 edit number >