WeChat aura faded Tencent is experiencing growth stagnation bitter


Tencent is standing on a delicate node.

‘s share price reached a record high in Tencent, the capital market anxiety finally revealed. April 7th, Tencent shares opened low, finally fell below 500 Hong Kong dollars. Compared to the peak of 646 Hong Kong dollars in March 7th, Tencent’s share price fell within a month to reach 23%.

corresponds to the stock price is not so good performance Tencent: March 19th, Tencent announced the fourth quarter of 2013 and full year earnings. Reported that Tencent’s total revenue and profit growth rate of only 38% and each year, that is, the company has entered the slow growth of the shadow of which. At the same time. The results also showed that the bulk of revenues of Tencent (70%) is still the value-added services, the network game contributed 71%, which is 8 billion 475 million yuan of income, from the future of the company, WeChat drive revenue is not prominent at present.

, you probably know what I mean. On the one hand, WeChat huge volume, according to PingWest sources, the Tencent internal statistics WeChat registered account has reached more than 900 million, monthly active users reached 355 million, it is Tencent’s next growth point and hope; but on the other hand, from the capital market for nearly a month since the reaction look, it is the number of users of WeChat and its slow progress in the commercial action, has been unable to support the Tencent’s current share price.

moreover, the growth in the number of users of WeChat is not as optimistic as people imagine:

according to earnings statistics Tencent, although WeChat and mobile phone users in QQ has a substantial increase in the number, but the overall number of instant messaging monthly active accounts grew by only 1%. This means that WeChat’s user growth is not an external Tencent ecosystem users, but the source is the original desktop client Tencent mobile terminal migration. And, although WeChat’s monthly active growth of 121%, but only an increase of only $6%, which is still in the 2013 quarter of WeChat released version 5 of the launch of the game center under the premise of the function. An additional details also show that: the Tencent CFO Luo Han Shuo said that in the fourth quarter of 2013, Tencent changed statistics on mobile monthly active users, defined conditions have been eased. So, the next Tencent to come to enjoy the rapid growth of WeChat users to bring the halo.

the fundamental reason is that WeChat’s internationalization is not successful: after the data show that Tencent’s overseas registered users has exceeded 100 million. From WeChat’s sea path, its overseas users are more concentrated in some emerging markets – Hongkong, Taiwan, Southeast Asian countries, as well as Brazil and South africa. In these countries, WeChat still need to challenge the market has been dominated by LINE, Kakao Talk and other competing products such as WhatsApp. In the more mainstream European and American markets, WeChat has little effect, >