Baidu statement never promised to shield the negative results of the search results

: Internet rumors of "Sanlu internal documents" (click to view original


technology news September 13th afternoon news, for the recent Sanlu and Baidu signed a 3 million advertising agreement to enjoy the negative news to delete the message, Baidu said in a statement, in the first time sternly rejected Sanlu company proposed public relations agency.

below is the full text of the statement:

recently, the Internet rumors a letter allegedly for internal documents of Sanlu Group, said in a recent Sanlu PR crisis, had planned to invest 3 million yuan, all the negative news about Baidu for help shield Sanlu group. The news spread, many concerned about Baidu’s media friends, colleagues and users in the first time to the public relations department of Baidu phone, the authenticity of the news survey, we also pay great attention to this rumor.

Baidu values in the most important thing is to seek truth from facts, and we care about all the people like Baidu, like all the facts, to restore the truth. Baidu colleagues in the relevant departments for the first time to find the original text of the letter (with the letter faxed original). The "Sanlu internal documents" said, "Baidu as a search engine, are all the sites of the build-up, but also most of the consumers get the main position of information search, will be part of the public relations of Sanlu Group heavyweight media…… In this special period strongly suggests that the events are not wantonly exposed, to establish good relations of cooperation with Baidu media, to prevent future negative heavy outbreak of a large number of control, at the same time can grasp the initiative of public relations, from the small site consulting threat." At the same time, the document also said, Sanlu has established strong cooperation with Sina and Sohu, unless it relates to the notification of the national authority, the two website this year will not have any negative news about Sanlu group".

In view of the great influence of Baidu

in the new media field, see news reports, we quickly put together a company Taikehubu, products related to colleagues, a thorough understanding of the sequence of events. The objective facts about the matter: the evening of September 9th, Sanlu PR company agent call Baidu Taikehubu hope to help shield the negative news recently because of Sanlu, the proposal for violating the rules, Baidu has consistently adhered to the principle of fair and transparent information, the customer department in the first time and rejected the proposal. September 12th, the public relations company called again hoping to shield the negative news Sanlu, once again be rejected by the big customer department. And in accordance with the conventional, similar events without having to inform other departments of the company, so early in Baidu’s big customer department, only a small number of colleagues know that the public relations company has had contact with Baidu, and was repeatedly rejected.

Facts speak louder than words., search for "Sanlu" and other key words in Baidu, the first time from the incident, Baidu for all concerned of all users to provide objective and comprehensive information timely and neutral; and Chinese Internet new media leaders, including Sina, Sohu, Tencent, NetEase, also. All published the most comprehensive "Sanlu incident prominently