The nternet age earning one hundred thousand really difficult

this is my "friends threw a monthly income of one hundred thousand is very difficult to do, when I asked him," are you the problem in the employee’s identity, or to the identity of the owner? "

friends do not understand what I mean, do not blame him, I will not understand the meaning of this sentence in the early years.


just work, I looked at the work of the North Canton friends who are often 10 thousand wages, just start talking to each other’s monthly income, over the past two years has become a chat salary.

I like

in addition to still take four figure salary, their monthly income is more than 20 thousand, occasionally they will laugh at me and said, "fortunately, you are in the three line of the city, to the north of Guangzhou estimated that wages rent end house, enough to eat."

at that time, really envy envy hate. It seems that in my surroundings, someone earning twenty thousand that is a work of good treatment, you can casually in the circle of friends Joseph, parents can also pretend not to care to dance in the square under the circle of friends to show off. And as long as there is no purchase pressure, the salary will be enough to allow yourself to eat a good sleep, even if the moonlight is extravagant orgy moonlight.

, however, with the passage of time, the salary will gradually become very chicken ribs.

I refer to those small

revenue track, after leaving school in North Canton prices, monthly jump from seven thousand or eight thousand, the annual income of about 100 thousand; two or three years of hard work, the monthly income will rise to 2-3 million, the annual income of 20-30 million into the interval value; then the wage rise slowly down, if the position has been the middle route of deep stagnant assets, pay up between 30-40 million cap, if a breakthrough position, so the income will be entered into the range of 50-60 million.

years of work in 10-15 years, annual income of 50-60 million has been a very good performance, and even on the field is also a small figure to speak.

with 600 thousand as the ideal state, the monthly income is 50 thousand, which is quite brisk income, we take a look around, in addition to doing business and entrepreneurial success, working-class brothers and sisters how much annual income is 600 thousand


so, from the perspective of the wage earners, monthly income of 100 thousand is really very difficult. The monthly income of 100 thousand means that the annual income of 1 million 200 thousand, for the enterprise, he invited people to spend millions to tens of millions of profits to pry, this is not ordinary people can complete the work performance. In addition, not all enterprises have such pride to pay the annual salary of millions.

so, with a monthly income of 10. It is not difficult to "proposition, starting from the employee’s perspective, basically this kind to us into the workplace is still not up to 10 people, almost inaccessible.


in this era of the Internet, there is really no dead end, from a different point of view