n the webmaster nets to see the growth of the dumpster

first of all, I believe that every person who embarked on the road of the webmaster, is definitely a very strong desire to express and infinite creativity.

because the site is a media, is an information dissemination or exchange platform, and the webmaster, is the creator of the media or platform and controller.

can imagine a webmaster to enjoy the sense of achievement, more or less.

stand in the most simple point of view, when you start to do the first day of the station, you may not think, you will become one day Zhang Zhaoyang,

became Ma Huateng, or something else. However, you will definitely think, what you do in the future of the site will be what kind, although it is impossible to toss NSDQ,

but at least have a group of loyal fans, can provide some meaningful things some practical. And this may be an initial naive ideal.

and these ideals, has nothing to do with money, and web site operators may have costs nothing, has nothing to do with other more upset after may encounter.

this is a dream, a dream of a new webmaster.

you may be thinking about an idea that you think is very good on the Internet or in your head, and you say to yourself, "well, use this idea to make a stand,

must be fucking NB! So, it’s time to start. The program construction, site construction, the heroism of the lofty ideal of ah, ah, really say: I want to That cannot be described., ready to fight a protracted war, I will unremittingly to do this station, I want to do what the size of this station in what and when to make the grade, grade, advertising. Never short of time to do, at least not to do too much chaos. My first consideration is the user experience, search is important, but I will not deliberately pursue. Alexa, what about him?.

this process lasts for up to two or three months. A new process begins:

1, originally wanted to do a professional point of the station, the content is not too wide, but how to do more and more complex content, more and more scattered?

2, the attendant, originally wanted to ask for, but do scattered, the contents of a scattered, energy is limited, the update can not keep up, people began to languish.

3, the beginning of the miscellaneous content, the characteristics of your site will not, and not too attractive.

4, every day to see traffic statistics, nervous look, one hour to see him several times. Spend two hours a day looking at statistics.

5, found that the search is a good thing, from which a lot of. Found some very popular search keywords, depends on this point with several flow, while the other day to update, so many things, no one, no estimate. So, it’s time to start doing it