Chongqing network founder master porn July day for profit

only junior high school culture of young men want to make money through the network, but step by step wrong, run a pornographic July day, the yellow web site. He uploaded 57 pornographic video files and pornographic pictures on the site, the site registered members of more than 10000 people, relying on the site’s click rate to collect advertising fees and other ways to make money. Recently, the Qianjiang District People’s Court of first instance in order to spread the crime of illegal profits of three yuan sentenced to imprisonment for five years, suspended for four years and fined $10000 in Chongqing.

, 22, stood in court, even with a little angry on his face. The dream of becoming Chongqing "Zhang Zhaoyang" guy because running pornographic websites became a defendant. This year he is 22 year old streets East Rock Lane Qianjiang District, although only junior middle school education, but the computer talented, self-taught become a little famous "network master". After graduating from junior high school has been unemployed at home, no income. In order to find a job to earn some money, he often gave birth to the Internet entrepreneurial ideas, plans to use the Internet to start their own business to get rich. At first, small five Zulai server, and then purchase the domain name, from the Internet to collect regular movie link on the website, but more than a month down, with minimal access, no money.

one day in April 2009, Wu heard a netizen said, "porn is the fastest, eye-catching, login pornographic websites of many people, advertising can increase the click rate, click through rates to attract advertising operators that can earn advertising fees." He’s got the idea for a porn site. In order to escape the investigation, he rented an American server space via the Internet, and set up a website called "porn July day". After the opening of the site, his bedroom, a small Wu’s website headquarters, where he began to dream of getting rich at home. In order to attract users to visit his website, small five on the site in the establishment of "adult film", "a number of pornographic pictures of adult version of the area has to be downloaded from other sites on the pornographic movie video files and pictures uploaded to the site, for Internet users to browse and download and watch. In less than a few months time, Xiao Wu by way of advertising on the site to make money 650 yuan.

dream is not long, small five websites quickly by the police seized. After identification, Xiao Wu through the porn July day website dissemination of 57 video files and 1226 pictures are pornographic information. "I am too quick, I do not know, do not know is a crime." Small five in court confess in the pursuit of a dream in "lost", he should learn a lesson, ask the court to give him a chance.

court held that the defendant wumou to seek illegal interests, the use of the Internet dissemination of pornographic video files and pornographic pictures 1226, if the circumstances are serious, his behavior constituted the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials. The defendant Wu Ningbo justice after a good attitude, be punished more leniently.