Watercress revenue last year reached ten million profit nearly no listing plan



CEO Yang Bo

September 14th morning news, watercress CEO Yang Bo yesterday on Sina said that despite the completion of the third round of $50 million financing, but there is no clear timetable for the listing. Yang Bo said, watercress amounted to tens of millions of revenue last year, has been close to profit and there is no performance pressure, the main revenue from brand advertising.

yesterday morning, finally has completed the watercress foreign confirmed $50 million third round of financing, the funds have been earlier on the arrival of all. This round of financing investment respectively, loved the letter capital, Sequoia Capital and Bertelsmann Asia Investment fund. As a result, the outside world has long been speculation finally settled.

often the completion of the third round of financing also means the arrival of IPO. In this regard, Yang Bo did not give a clear response, but simply said, there is no timetable".

it is worth noting that, in the current round of financing did not appear in the first two rounds are involved in LIAN. Yang Bo explained that the main source of early LIAN investment strategy, so did not participate in this round of investment. However, for the first two rounds of investors to withdraw from the financing of the matter, watercress did not give a clear response.

in the completion of the second round of financing watercress, Yang Bo had Sina Technology, said earnings will not consider the next round of financing. On the occasion of the completion of a new round of financing, Yang Bo Sina Technology revealed that last year, the size of the scale of tens of thousands of watercress last year, has been close to the critical point of profit. He bluntly did not have any pressure on the profits, nor signed an agreement with the investors.

It is reported that

‘s revenue comes mainly from brand advertising and other means. Watercress audio book, group, city, nine services are advertising, in addition to reading, buy movie tickets and all passengers, using CPM mode of sale.

"multi product line to serve different areas of urban life. Watercress will continue to adhere to the general direction of doing a variety of business attempts, Yang Bo said in the future when it comes to watercress. In the official news release, said the new financing will be mainly used for new product development, team building, marketing and branding.

however in Yang Bo’s plan, watercress about 200 of the existing size of the team will not surge.

watercress was founded in March 2005, currently has about 53000000 registered users. 2006, watercress completed the first round of financing, the investor is LIAN source, the amount of $2 million. By the end of 2009, to obtain a total of Douban Zhi capital letters and LIAN ceyuan nearly tens of millions of dollars in the second round of investment.