Those who rushed to the nternet operator terminal company death squads

Abstract: China Mobile’s terminal company is not the first established professional institutions, but he is the starting point for China Mobile to carry out specialized operations and the operation of the company. The pros and cons on the merits and demerits for future generations, I just talk about their own experience from a spectator’s point of view.



: from visual China

is a well-known Internet who worked in a circle in the China Mobile walk after leaving is: " there are many thoughts and ideas, is the money, can not do so to the operator. The results found that the operator in addition to money, nothing. "

over time, seeing the rapid development of the Internet, the industry has a similar view of the people have more and more.

operators in the study of Internet technology, advocacy of Internet innovation, promote the spirit of the Internet at the same time, more and more real and painful to feel: their bodies lack of Internet genes.

whether it is the internal management mechanism, or external public opinion environment, whether it is on the matter or to the people, after many years of trying, the operator has not been looking for the internet.

more and more people give up, not optimistic about the operators can be successful, or only the pipeline location, or simply raising the white flag at a distance.

in this context, China Mobile has not completely abandoned, these years, has set up more than a dozen professional companies and institutions, to new mechanism, combined with China Mobile’s resources, to the Internet’s position to launch a new assault.

like in the real battlefield, there are people who are brave cowardly.

some institutions, preparations will be shot back really need when he rushed, but found he was still behind the training; " " what is more, because of their favored, grab people’s desire to loot. Such a phenomenon, resulting in a lot of people on the mobile professional attempt, skeptical or negative attitude that specialization is a farce.

however, there are many professional organizations in the mobile warrior, get ready for battle, in a state of mind, fully equipped for, without hesitation to the Internet attack position.

perhaps, this is the last time the traditional operators to enter the internet. So they rushed out of the time, they can not go home to do the psychological preparation.

I want to write a series of active

, both operators who want to record to more of the gorillas that respect and support.

dream, feelings, passion, struggle, these we have had, at least once, value.

operator terminal company

October 2011, China Mobile terminal company was formally established at this time