2015 domain security is very important


On the way to pick up the kids from school in the afternoon

, received a telephone customer service China renamed sister paper, I thought it is usual to remind Mobi phone, because every month a few days at the beginning of the month will have received "China sister paper gentle voice reminded me of the domain name renewal this month. But today this is different, though the sound as in the past to tender, but the content is to provide me with the original registration information into a domain recently, I began to realize that in 2015, the domain security problems will be very serious.

recently transferred from GoDaddy to the domain name Chinese, is a meter to help customers purchase, about one or two months, the seller is reliable, the domain name is absolutely no problem, at least three years all of the domain name didn’t change, but still received the original registration information required to provide the name of the phone. From this point can be seen from abroad into the recently renamed domain, there is no safety of rice, there may have been a precedent, otherwise no such targeted telephone inquiries. Have thought the domestic domain should be absolutely safe, it seems now to stay an eye.

There is a security vulnerability

2014 enom.com, moniker.com and other large foreign website platform had been exposed, many domain name stolen, including hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of rice, circle of friends also has caught many well-known meters, miserable process stolen domain name to recover, even this did not bring back the. And many of these stolen domain names, many have been sold or even repeatedly changed hands.

In addition

also in 2014, Beijing has also been exposed security domain name stolen frequently, affecting a wide range, resulting in the later I acquired the domain name, domain name is found earlier in the new network platform, to confirm the safety will deal with.

then the problem, so many frequent domain name theft problem, how will we deal with, and how to avoid their own domain name stolen, how to avoid to buy their own rice? Provide some of their own views for reference below.

first said how to protect their domain name security issues:

1, choose a reliable platform to put their own domain name, at home to facilitate the transaction, "China preferred and love reading, because these two platforms are the key link of mobile phone SMS verification. (mobile phone verification is not absolutely safe, Xiao Bian learned a friend of the domain name is the mobile phone card and fill out, encounter this problem, the solution is for the one who do not know the mobile phone number to receive the verification code.


2, the account login password must be set up a little cumbersome, not in order to remember, set up a super simple password password. Best to take some special symbols, @#$%^&! * (-=+); these can be the best, the letters are case sensitive. In addition, each platform is best to use a different password, so as to avoid a platform password theft, other >