Policy threshold to become the nternet life and death line who will be the winner

Internet bicycle industry after 2015, in 2016 after the outbreak of the dormant collective, in 2017 will undoubtedly be the clincher a year: a merger or to a super strong situation, there are many variables. Both the innovation of intelligent category Mobell bike, or to the Internet thinking go sharing economic platform mode ofo, and many bikes projects with the different resources and background to follow the trend of the influx of, was dragged to a continuous development of new city, shop more, grab more commercial war sites.

as a player to hold the lifeblood of the industry, the ultimate referee – the government, has not been in the legislative level to support the sharing of bicycles". Some conservative venture capital institutions is on the sidelines, after all, even if the Uber drops and the two giants in the Chinese market to shake hands, still can not avoid the policy of "Damour Damocles", still did not get the (local) government issued the network about the car license, the mode of legitimacy is always a problem.

so, the Internet industry will bicycle card in the "policy" before the bicycle industry development policy risk exists? Local governments which support the bike project, set up what kind of access threshold for the bicycle? Between Mobell and ofo as well as other cycling projects, who are eligible to become To GR (government affairs

) winner?

, a government not to "drop" licence, why favor Internet plus


in the "say innovation" double era, people seem to forget the "B" innovation, innovation is different from the old things, the impact on the existing order of beneficiaries, especially the disruptive innovation business model; and regulatory policy often has a certain lag, many innovative species came into the "grey zone" from the birth, although the "Internet plus" is a national strategy, but the innovation itself is venturing into the forbidden area, one of which is facing the innovator’s dilemma.

game innovator and government policy, take general coping strategies: one is "blind rush", the dishes grow again, slowly to the performance tax and employment so that regulators have to admit its legal status; the two is from the outset with regulators to reach a tacit understanding of interaction, re interpretation for policy and the new policy the introduction of views. How much is the former to "potential" stress that there must be some luck blessing; the latter is the best and ideal.

drops travel very early with the Ministry of civil affairs to carry out the work of government public relations, and the introduction of new regulations about the car to the driver’s account ("Beijing Beijing card", "Shanghai Shanghai card") and vehicle distance, price and other aspects of the high barriers to entry, is the former overexert strategy rebound. Internet bike

can form Liaoyuanzhishi swept within a year, the local government is not a government acquiescence must can’t do anything, favorable environment and lands on the relationship between market development and operation management of bicycle project have a multiplier effect.


government was at first sight for bicycle can be said. Mobell in >