SEO how to monopolize the future competition

With the use of current search engine rose sharply, owners are increasingly concerned about their status as the web site in the search engine, because of the high quality high search engine flow and flow, and the flow and website popular keywords in the search engine rankings and ranking number have a great relationship, and to improve the understanding of key words in the search engine will the Search Engine Ranking Ranking Algorithm of search engine, end from the final trend is for the user experience, so that users can get the most relevant keywords and website list in the search for relevant keywords, but in a completely rely on the search algorithm execution I think to do this is not possible, when the idea of SEO is becoming more and more popular in the future, as long as you know from the initial in the page stack keywords to later crazy For external links, and in the near future after this trend will lead to the search engine algorithm change, or for advertising and user experience is not, as the study of search engine SEOER is certainly will change, how to change it, for today I personally think that competition in the future performance of SEOER where’s the


two, trying to grasp and understand the change of search engine every time, timely take all measures to adapt to it

three, the search engine optimization to get the same quality, whether the efficiency beyond it

four, insight into the psychology of browsing, the realization of the user experience, let oneself website second major browsing your website, rather than relying on search engines

The bottom line of tolerance