nto the C round of financing less than 20 mutual gold industry need to guard against valuation bubb

compared to 2015 this year, the Internet financial industry financing plummeted, into the C round of financing platform is less and less.

according to incomplete statistics, the current Internet banking industry to obtain C round of financing platform less than 20, of which net loan platform about 13.

recently, the "daily economic news" reporter noted that since September, there are 3 Internet financial platform announces C round of financing, respectively 375 million yuan, net lending group 51 Credit Card $310 million, net letter financial financing of $70 million.

get C round of venture capital platform has a large amount of customers and some of the stable customer resources, mostly for small business easy to copy business, and compliance." Ying Chan Consulting Senior Researcher Zhang Yexia analysis pointed out that, of course, to get C round of venture does not represent is the industry leader, some leader platform also did not reach a C round of financing.

at the same time, the reporter noted that, whether it is to get the A round or B round, C round of financing, including the net loan, etc., including the valuation of Internet banking companies are rising. From the third party agency iResearch consulting in 2016 China Unicorn enterprise valuation list TOP300 data show that one of the 44 mutual gold unicorn valuation of $128 billion 740 million. In this regard, a number of industry insiders to the daily economic news reporter, said the valuation reflects the high value of the capital market for the development of Internet banking business potential recognition. However, the valuation of the existence of greater uncertainty, prone to bubbles.

– capital enthusiasm towards rational

since last year, the capital of the concept of Internet banking enthusiasm tends to rational, especially for the C round of investment is particularly cautious.

"is expected there will be more enterprises to obtain C round and after more financing, because the Internet financial policy level are more and more recognized, especially net lending institutions, the latest" management measures "clear its legal status, has cleared an important obstacle to the development of the industry, the prospects are very predictable the broad, naturally caused the capital market competing layout." Financial fan CEO Shen Lei pointed out that.

net lending Group founder and CEO Tang Jun to the "daily economic news" reporter said, the individual thinks, at present most of the financing platform, is not the true sense of the financing platform, just to give endorsement. In addition, financing is not a particularly important thing.

In fact,

, on financing, investment and financing circles have been circulating a C round of death, saying that 90% of Companies in the B round of financing to live less than C round. Thus, go to the C round or even D round is not easy.

(C "can get round even D round of financing) Internet financial enterprises should have some characteristics, such as legal compliance, which is the foundation; again, continuous financial innovation, financial innovation can only make the trend of development, grasp the initiative in the market; in addition, with the value > license