Network marketing should learn from the powerful supermarket sales

supermarket sales are generally very powerful, most of my friends are in. If you carefully observe their sales methods, our network marketing must be very helpful. So what are the supermarket’s strong sales method? Guardian Yuan Kun wrote this article I believe we will get a little inspiration.

on Sunday to WCMC in front of the supermarket to buy things, put a lot of daily necessities, including super liquid detergent buy one get one, so the wife said to buy anyway.



said that the impact of network marketing on the traditional industry is relatively large, but the network marketing is only a channel change, consumption patterns change, the traditional marketing can definitely do a good reference. In this paper, we will focus on the supermarket to share with you the commonly used marketing methods: increase sales, bundling, sales, gift sales, cross selling, plus sales.

increase sales: obviously want to buy a 88 yuan pot, and finally bought a $188.

, I believe many of my friends have such experience, when your budget is 10 dollars to buy something, but the sales staff according to our needs, the value and functions to shape, we believe that the solution given the sales staff beyond their own expectations, so he spent 30 yuan to buy the same type of products.

: Super pin bundle of laundry detergent in the above buy sending is a common way to tie pin.

supermarket is mostly used to buy one get one, selling products bundled unsalable goods way. Two or more than two pieces of goods for sale. In most cases a certain commodity is what we need, another class of goods but not essential, bundling makes us feel more cost-effective. Tie pin is in fact a puerile way.

take off: with the sale of this situation we see very much, such as next to the shower gel shampoo.

supermarket items are placed more stress, it is necessary to take a shower gel, the sale of shopping guide will be by the way, we have a shampoo oh. This is a common way to match sales. Selling clothes to the point of the design is perfect, clothing stores are basically selling a single coat or pants, are a good mix of clothes.

gifts: 5 packaging instant noodles to send a bowl, buy toothpaste toothbrush.

gift sales is a very common way of sale, whether it is a 5 pack of instant noodles to send a bowl, or buy toothpaste to send a toothbrush, is a way to stimulate consumption. Of course, this gift must be the user needs, valuable. Otherwise it is counterproductive.

cross selling: two unrelated brands or unrelated elements of cross-border cooperation in sales.

we found that supermarkets are not limited to eating, drinking, more and more additional services to join them. Cross border marketing is a bright spot