The secret of Liquidity Why are these companies so liquid

liquidity is the biggest problem of the three new board, but the problem needs a comprehensive analysis.



read you wrote an article "the new board of liquidity so bad? The subversion of your visit", this article tells you, part of the company’s securities industry, financial information services industry, the Internet industry, liquidity in the new three panel is not bad, at least not their counterparts in Hong Kong stocks, so bad.

today, read what you want to tell you that, in fact, there are a number of market making companies, their mobility is very good, so that the light to see liquidity, you will not think that this is in the new three board market. How did they do it?

1, the liquidity is very hard, but there are still 20 companies, the average daily turnover of 1%, the average daily turnover of more than 10%

of the cattle company

read Jun system research 1048 market making companies, as of April 11th, these companies have taken to make market transfer, the actual number of days since the market turnover of not less than 30 days.

According to the new three board

read the data of the research center, the 1048 market making companies 47 of the turnover of less than 0.01%.

do you know what is the meaning of this data? If a year can be traded in 220 days, the company’s 47 annual turnover will be less than 2.2%. Take 45 years, the stock exchange again.

is really a white market, the transfer agreement is not so bad ah. But what I’m trying to tell you is that it’s not true. There are 20 companies of the average daily turnover of more than 1%.

even has since the company to do the city’s average daily turnover reached 10.41%! Even on the A shares, which is also super monster.

different market making company liquidity why the gap so big?


2, with the number of market makers, the better the liquidity, the 10 market maker is a turning point

1048 companies on average each have 5.34 market makers, which have 2 market makers of most enterprises, reached 214; followed by the market maker has 6 companies, 201 companies, this is the company to achieve the stratification after the introduction of the draft standard three must have 6 market makers for enterprises after operation the result.


has a different number of home market makers, different liquidity. According to read the new board research center, has only 2 market makers of the enterprise mobility minimum, average daily turnover rate of only 0.13%; and have the market quotient amounted to 14 or more enterprises, their liquidity is best, on average each company’s average daily turnover reached 0.92%, equivalent to 7 times only 2 market makers of enterprises.

, however, when