Lu Songsong inventory 2011 Adsense network promotion method

2011, SEO, became a hair outside the chain, the network promotion has become a hair outside the chain, and ultimately those who want to promote the site died in the hair chain. 2011 is the past, we summed up a lot of network promotion methods, in a year of practice, the "chain" was gradually abandoned, but there are a lot of eternity. Lu Lu on the basis of my experience this year to inventory in 2011, which has been gradually abandoned and still thriving network promotion methods.

gradually abandoned promotion method


(software to send spam increasingly no market)

1: micro-blog promotion

"A piece of

+ A + link a picture" on the formation of micro-blog to promote the basic routines, continued hot 2011 micro-blog, micro-blog promotion led to do more and more, but many people mistakenly believe that the marketing promotion is often, "a title of a URL link" account under the promotion, look fans turned out for 0, this promotion is the use? When you see the "Durex micro-blog marketing case after you will see light suddenly.

fan less, no content, no forwarding no fatigue, even the chain are not, the primary webmaster in micro-blog do not get any promotion effect, as the micro-blog gradually entered the tired, we see half a year after the pure URL promotion micro-blog less.

2: Forum promotion

at least slightly well-known Web site, will set the threshold, such as XX, XX to the stage to the post stage can send links, now many forums do not allow signature with the link, even the signature is not displayed, post audit is very strict, with most of the links are deleted.

3: QQ group promotion

with dozens of QQ, each QQ to join dozens of groups, every day to send the site again, a lot of people do this. Although such a QQ group to promote quick, but the pure link of the effect is not obvious, but a large amount of information to a group chat, continuous operation will have effect, but also can not get outside the chain, plus a lot of people blocked the QQ group, this method of pure physical, has become increasingly losing its role.

4: fanchon generalized

provides high quality web pages, pictures, post to web station and aggregation sites, if you submit the contents of good, can get a lot of traffic, but the domestic network website in 2011 more and more lost, once collected by Lu Songsong fanchon websites has been closed for nearly half, which illustrates the web station because there is not much profit model the collapse, not to mention the recommended after the flow, its disadvantages are also quite large, once is not recommended, the flow is 0.

5: flow exchange

traffic exchange is a kind of effort to get traffic can earn >