Three easy steps to go startups no longer anxious to do public relations

only brother "only dry" series article, no tall theory is simple and direct and rude, Sike executive thing. Although today’s talk is tall on public relations, is no exception.

now, most startups know public relations. But the question is, what is PR? Why do PR?

public relations, as the name suggests is social public relations. Do public relations, after all, is to deal with the relationship between the company and the society of different people.

of big companies, big easy tree attracts the wind, to a lot of dealing with both the public relations is particularly important, so set up a public relations department and hired a public relations firm to deal with. But for most startups, their limited influence, to consider more is not to deal with the relationship, but take on a variety of relationships, increase their influence in the community have a good image.

for startups, it is recommended not to complicate the public relations, the company’s public relations routines used in their own. Although it looks "professional", but your company can not afford, can not afford.

according to the experience of the previous service startups, I think how to do public relations startups can be simplified into three steps.

the first step: to confirm the premise and purpose of public relations

first, you need to know why your business to do public relations, whether there is a need to do public relations, the purpose of what?

1 PR premise

start a company’s public relations work, must be based on the company’s business strategy and business conditions for thinking, it is decided not to do public relations premise.

deal with benefits, but the same time cost, cost of money, there is the risk of relationship. Now the company to do the benefits of public relations big, suitable to do it as a company manager or PR, you must think clearly.

2 PR purpose

when you decide to do public relations, you need to clear the purpose of public relations as much as possible. Know the purpose, things will not bias. It is not easy to be brainwashed when an entrepreneur chooses an external public relations firm".

start-up companies do public relations purposes are generally:

(1) to facilitate recruitment

(2) to promote business development (special negotiation time),

(3) helps finance

(4) to enhance the company honor

(5) attracts more multimedia (using information)

(6) to attract customers

(7) affects competitor

second step: determine the PR object and PR theme

when determining the purpose of public relations, determine the object of public relations. According to the identity of the different public relations object can be divided into two kinds:

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