Data management products into the pit 3 months of the pit

A. I tasted the sweetness of

for the first time

August 19th

summary of the work: the boss of the demand table after the guidance, the regional management will be implemented to the functional level of operation, the priority to determine the meeting 20 minutes to complete, the demand has been recognized, more smoothly.

in this way, a simple geographical management needs to sort out, functional comb, with a simple form to describe a single function, needs to be recognized, into the development phase of · · ·

well, it does not seem so difficult. In this way, the next phase of production data management.

two. The primary pit that has passed – cognitive layer

August 26th

work plan and summary: combing production data; one day in chaos, too much data, 27 overtime finishing.

August 29th

carding special data and comprehensive indicators; special data and comprehensive index data is not much, began to organize the data prototype.

August 31st

initial data organization model of the end of the prototype, and just discuss. Study the data index system, understand and recite the notes. The data index is reorganized and the data organization structure is finished. Several questions:


organizes the data, it is completely collected according to the business form, and only analyzes the similarity of the dimension and the unity of the realization mode, but not from the business of the company, the nature and meaning of the data to carry on the regular classification.

the standard definition of the data, there is no deep understanding, so that there is no clear boundaries in planning, resulting in confusion.

do not have a clear understanding of the company’s data metrics and dimensions.

this is the beginning of the pit……

this is a primary pit, in the collation of the data, in accordance with the docking documents, all the data that have been sorted out again, listed together. For example, in the "transactions" and "retail", not to consider including the dimensions and the statistical scope, definition and definition of company public perceptions, but these terms, according to the data provided, no brain listed together. When we need to classify the data, we do not consider the meaning of classification.

so, I have this prototype design.

well, talk about the design idea: all the indicators are time, regional natural attributes, in the butt in the document, and the turnover of the property industry, I put these common out, only need to select the good things in common, to choose specific index content. What about the grouping data? It’s a great deal of data. It’s a separate group…… In this way, from the page scan in the past, I can see the contents of the index I want.