Cross border electricity supplier tax impact of the new deal is not so much of the functional sector

[Abstract] both radical and conservative are beginning to realize that the cross-border electricity supplier platform may have entered a more brutal phase of funding competition.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on April 11th

"Zhengzhou customs paralyzed!" "there are passengers in the airport customs unwilling to pay taxes and disposal of goods!" "Huang Bo was forced to check out of the box!" "there are dozens of tons of milk will be poured into the sea!"

cross-border tax deal only began on the two day, the negative news spread like wildfire. The hasty introduction of the new deal, did not seem to welcome: cross-border electricity supplier felt pressure, consumers feel that commodity prices will rise further, and the customs in the face of some false news is innocent.

behind these rumors is still a huge interest in space, according to the Ministry of Commerce forecast, 2016 China cross-border electricity import and export trade volume will reach 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan, the next few years accounted for China cross-border electricity import and export trade ratio will increase to 20%, the annual growth rate will exceed 30%.

even if the new deal may result in higher taxes, higher prices, but the industry in the long run, still has a huge profit and market space, no one will easily give up." A cross-border electricity supplier practitioners said Tencent technology.

after the start of the new deal, cross-border electricity providers in the field of venture companies are generally considered to be a huge impact, practitioners must find ways to respond as soon as possible. For us, this is the best opportunity to build financial barriers, we will never let go." Another cross-border electricity supplier practitioners more direct law.

purchasing good day passed

about the new tax policy of cross-border electricity supplier, the most to attract the public eye is a few pictures circulated on the network: the picture was taken in the airport, several open luggage and a large number of items scattered around, appeared at the same time with the picture, as well as on the Customs Baggage and passengers one by one investigation through mobile phone text content. Some news from the major social platforms show that Shanghai, Pudong, Beijing and other airports are particularly stringent Airport inspection.

But recently some

from overseas or Beijing Fanhu consumers of Tencent said, did not have a special feeling.

April 9th, Shanghai customs official micro responded that, after verification and on-site staff, this picture is not the leader lost cosmetics, but inventory. Further news shows, the picture is a passenger carrying excess entry in Shanghai Pudong Airport Customs seized cosmetics for on-site inventory valuation. It is understood that in April 7th the passengers on flight MU5042 from Seoul to entry, transit Hall of Shanghai Pudong International Airport T1 terminal was seized carrying excess cosmetics. The passengers carrying 4 suitcases, a total of $more than 20 thousand worth of make-up and the value of more than 10 thousand yuan of skin care products, and can not provide invoices. Due to the excessive number of cosmetics, the transformation of the transfer site is not a closed inspection area, >