Get more open rate and conversion to carry out e mail marketing 8 killer tips

these simple but little-known email marketing strategies have been shown to allow you to get more open and conversion rates. Although they are really very simple, but this is also the enterprise in the development of e-mail marketing, should have the most basic mail marketing skills. Great oaks from little acorns grow., enterprise mastered these basic skills introduction of email marketing and channel member marketing agency webpower Chinese District, will be able to bring the continued promotion of email marketing.

1 use emphatic words

truly, frank, honest, just, seriously, it is hard to believe, clearly, clearly these words often emphasize more easily attract users attention, guide users to take action, but be careful not to overuse.

2 in the picture using the link

just need to use the hyperlink in the picture to add a small strategy, it may give you a double click CTR. This is because users generally love to put the mouse suspension in the picture, when the user moves their mouse over the link with the picture, they are likely to click on the picture, so you can put the user into another page. Webpower Chinese District lecturer Dr.Jason explained that in such a "click" happy society, if you can click on the pictures and text, then the user will be more likely to read your message, and visit your site.

3 uses forward mail

forward an email that has been sent in order to get second Marketing opportunities.

4 open

message retransmission

uses a different theme and send the same email 2-3 times, of course, the specific number according to the results of the practice, in this way, you may get more than open rates sent only once.

5 using social proof

use of praise, screenshots, social commentary to support your claim.

6 user list

you need to subdivide the user list, which means that you want to purchase a user to the user, showing a strong interest but did not buy the user and other types of user groups.

7 do your own

many companies will be from the user point of view, for the user to imagine, but in fact you do not have to worry too much. If your mail is the object of the child’s mother, then in the creation of the mail, as long as the sincere attitude, the way you can simulate the daily communication between the creation.

8 mail copy structure and wording

copy structure should not exceed 10 words per line, each section is not more than 2-3 words. This will be more conducive to user reading. And the use of some influential words, such as bold, italic, underline, uppercase and highlight.