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promotion station has been opened, for the majority of owners always adhere to the principle of service, unremittingly to update content, got the support of the majority of owners, has gradually formed a webmaster communication platform, released by this opportunity, on behalf of the webmaster thanks to promote learning support, your support is our the best power! Webmaster resource sharing group: 39422212, welcome to exchange, it is not going to dive, ha ha

I was browsing various articles on the website promotion, found many methods introduced the blog promotion website, but QQ space less, QQ space users quite a lot, so don’t use huge flow of money for the owners, it is a pity ah! Below by the promotion of learning to introduce how to use QQ space promotion your website

!The principle of

: when you published an article every time, his QQ space will be QQ space of your friends on the tip, so the update through promotion of your site, if your content is attractive, don’t believe that the flow less


operation flow:

1, with 1 QQ, and opened the QQ space.

2, find some novels to read the group, to join these groups, and we exchange it, and then the group of users as much as possible to add to your QQ space friends. This process is quite trivial, but in order to site traffic, you have to adhere to, adhere to, and then adhere to!

3, QQ space friends can add how much, I do not understand, plus good, you will be updated every day on your novel website chapters in the form of QQ Bowen published in QQ space!

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