On the promotion of sales website

is now more and more businesses through online sales of goods, and many businesses use personal status do not know much about the network, the network signed a sales agency agreement with the business, through the network of retail and wholesale merchant goods, overnight.

a lot of people to release the product through Taobao platform, but lost in the many similar products in a superb collection of beautiful things. I suggest using an independent store system to sell. So, if you can let more people know your site, bring more sales revenue. Here’s my personal opinion.

a, domain name selection

recommends choosing the same Pinyin domain name. For example, I chose a www.xinxibao.org.cn domain name for a customer selling zinc selenium treasure. Because.Com,.Net.Cn domain names are not, so I chose the.Org.cn domain name. Why to choose the same name as the site and the Pinyin domain name, I personally think that this can improve the weight of the site, more conducive to the site in the search engine rankings, and easy to remember.

two, search engine login

Although the

into the search engine website login entrance for the domain name login, often need a week or even a month’s time, to search engines, but we still have to do so, search engines, can bring more traffic.

three, registered Baidu space

Baidu space promotional effect, although not as good as the beginning, but we still can not ignore its role. The name Baidu space blog content, remember to use your website and sales sales related words, and then add the blog content and title and you sell soft commodities related, added: This article reprinted from www.xinxibao.org.cn: This text reflects the source of the article, on the one hand, promoting its own website is not as deliberately advertising, on the other hand that the spider can follow it, catch your site faster.

four, registered other blog

registered Sohu, Sina, 163 and other large web blog, and Baidu space, this I say no more, alone to register Baidu space because Baidu is the search engine is very important, about 80% of Internet users are using Baidu search. Baidu search engine is very interested in the new blog, often will soon be included, the article inside naturally caught spiders! Again, blog space name and the title of the article is very important, must have the keyword


five, due consideration Baidu bidding advertising

I think Baidu bidding is rubbish, get money, then a customer to buy Baidu bid, has received very good results, I looked up to the Baidu bidding. There is no denying that the price of the auction is very high, in order to be ranked in the top five, a lot of key words a few dollars a second, however, the majority of customers to bring Click to buy