Shen Napeng to grow into a great company should have 5 aspects of professionalism

Shen Napeng, a famous investor in

, delivered a speech entitled "professionalism and entrepreneurship" at the 2013 graduation ceremony of CEIBS EMBA/FMBA. Shen Napeng believes that entrepreneurship is very important, but many people ignore the importance of professionalism. Shen Napeng believes that professionalism is reflected in 5 aspects, the following is a speech on the EU’s Shen Napeng.


professional knowledge and ability: managers, leaders should be multifaceted knowledge;

team spirit: build trust, respect and understanding among the team;

values: treat family, treat colleagues, which is also a very important point of our values;

the responsibility of each person are engaged in their work, each tiny work, must have the best responsibility to complete tasks.

ability of solving problems in creative problem solving huge time pressure

following Shen Napeng’s speech finishing:

leaders, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.

came to China today to talk to you, I’m pretty nervous. Every time the school graduation speech, regardless of size, the students are looking forward to. Two weeks ago, I in the ten anniversary celebration of the Sequoia Chinese speech is unscripted, but today I than in the tension, so the important content written in a small note.

I graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and some of the origins of ceibs. And more than a year ago, I am very pleased to be invited to participate in the CEO class, it is a pity that time did not arrange to come over, there is no opportunity to become alumni with you, is a pity.

today we look forward to hearing more likely to be the topic of venture capital, entrepreneurship, where the next tuyere in the capital market, in fact, these topics have a lot of experts, the media are very detailed. What I want to talk about today is another topic – professionalism. An enterprise can what success is the most critical factor? We clearly need to "Entrepreneurship" – "entrepreneurship", "entrepreneurial spirit" is one of the highest frequency words appear over a period of time in the domestic media, in the word, there is a word is also very important, that is "Professionalism" "occupation spirit".

yesterday I had a dictionary, explained that "the conduct, aim and quality that characterize or mark of a profession or a professional person, found that the language as a circle, but did not answer. So what does this word mean? I believe everyone’s mind will be