Training 4 a month to quickly build 1000P

30 days before the Spring Festival sprint: free website construction training for a period of 3 days to learn a class of to quickly reach your site IP 1000

free training by the station graph king speaker, the 6 year experience of personal website there are thousands of successful webmaster experience concentrated in this month. Hope to be able to develop a friend, change a little, or a little inspiration.

            today has been 28 days, the Spring Festival in the vicinity. A lot of foreign webmaster friends, are ready to go home. The Spring Festival is not home, never give up affection and nostalgia. Me too. When I see the hometown or similar childhood memories of the scene, there is always a sour. A faint memory, ah. Can not forget. Can not forget is the family affection. But gray headed gray face home. There is always a lot of psychological unspeakable aggrievedly. That only effort. Keep trying。 Continue to work hard. Must be able to accomplish something. Put down the feelings of homesickness. Back to the network. Continue to create our own glory.  

              today’s promotion content, is super crazy promotion method. How a super law. I also put some of the ways to promote the inside out.

1) Baidu post bar and know the flow of nearly one million. How to become their own. Question and answer. How not to be blocked up on the basis of traffic flow. According to their own level of experience.

2 of Yahoo) similarly to Google, Sina to ask. The fire on the portal. When all the personal webmaster like crazy when thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, staring at these portals. The portal has won, we have won, the lazy man has suffered.

this, have a better experience, can communicate with me. QQ 470666 (do not want to be in the absence of or simple communication, deep talk about some experience. I won’t waste your time

3) crazy forum promotion. Forum promotion, not just send your site to the forum. Need a carrier. Need a judgment.

this carrier and judge what is. I was the first successful movie website. He listed 100 free movie website, such as  the only free movie website www.tk4479.Com free movie network vv33 free movie search, movie collectors, it lists 100, with a design is very suitable for the forum format.Of course, if they are