The local operation site giving the four law

as a place to engage in site operation and promotion, need to have the cultural accomplishment, based on certain network technology, a wide network of resources, but also need to have "repeat simple things" and "things to do" and "hard things cleverly" initiative and work passion. The success of the standard is very simple, or tens of thousands of steady flow, or generous returns and benefits, in fact, the two complement each other. Of course, for we grassroots entrepreneurs, optimization and the promotion of the site can not be achieved, the key is to find the problem, realistically reflect the problem, try to find a feasible way to solve the problem, a step by step to trinidad. Here, we can make an analogy, the local talent site operation and promotion work as a problem to be solved, learn from Bian Que’s "four" method.

hope is to see the truth. The local site is different from national or industry portal website, stay in the office or at home every day, stay at home is not the formation of local characteristics. We should arrange the time reasonably, to streets and lanes and the talent market around, look at the advertisement, employment information, those are our potential customers and sources of information; go to college and go, understand the graduates job intention and the main channel of website brand awareness, those we are all personnel for the survival of the base station. Especially to learn about local schools including there are preparing or some important meetings or activities, we consider the network professionals how to cooperate in, or an occasion to leveraging the promotion. For example, we engage in entrepreneurial talent network Sanming 0598 essay activities, is to see the local league in the "54" Youth Festival, then follow up the main planning, achieve timely occasion and eye-catching effect.

smell, is to smell sensitive. No man is perfect, Knowledge is infinite. Engaged in the operation of the site work, to be based on a "early" word, do a "diligent" word, extension of information news tentacles, quickly grasp the policy information, understanding of industry information, familiar with network optimization. By reading books, newspapers, Internet browsing information, full capture information effectively, take notes, writing experience, log and so on, the accumulation of work experience, to persevere unremittingly. Two years ago we Sanming 0598 to understand the business sector to strengthen the network host unit management, and timely registration to a private enterprise, and made a record in the province Industrial and Commercial Bureau, effectively avoid the risk of undocumented. Later, some local site punished, we have no worries about the high enthusiasm. Recently, considering the issue of long-term development of talent website, we succeeded in bidding for the occupation intermediary license, re registration of Sanming Lotour occupation brokers Limited, and the office moved to the local intermediary service hall, the site into the formal track, suggested a local website was informed that a friend took a long view, also set up as soon as the entity. The body alone times better ah.

asked, is to ask. Website operation and promotion