Talking about how to sell their own SEO blog

Hello everyone, I’m stone. Now is the time counter attack SEO blog spread, every city has a lot of SEO blog, of course I also have a blog, but to tell the truth because of time and energy, almost deserted, also occasionally write an article. Compared with ZAC SEO and other well-known experts, blog traffic most grass root staff rarely SEO. Before thinking about the meaning of their own blog, in order to pick up for entertainment or other? I think most of the SEO bloggers are in order to pick up, so are trying to optimize. However, if it is for entertainment and learning that does not matter, SEO blog flooding, SEO article is flooding no one to see, then how can we own SEO blog marketing go out?

first: do not write articles to update the SEO

every day in order to update the contents of the article to write SEO, after all, the content of the SEO class is not so much, and now the flood of SEO articles, stereotyped things too much. Such as TV series in general, the audience are tired, so that the content can only be given to the Baidu spider to see, SEO articles for quality rather than quantity, want to use the SEO blog friends should write a blog post. It is likely that customers will contact you because of an article, although not necessarily be able to talk about a single, but there are always consulting customers are potential customers. Did the "+SEO city" and other words before the author of the blog, and later to the first page and found no customer consultation I know, think when customers need SEO services later, not to search this keyword.

second: determine their own SEO blog user base

SEO the number of thousands of blogs, how to make their own blog stand out, different? Of course, we can not meet the needs of all people, only to meet the needs of some people. The SEO industry can be divided into many small groups, for example: medical SEO, SEO, SEO and so on business enterprises, for example: I mainly do the SEO service for enterprise SEO station, and the station in the enterprise there are numerous industries, have mechanical equipment, do decorative design. Every industry can dig a lot of potential customers, so we can in certain industry SEO to write some articles, the most important is to have a good grasp of their own user groups, individuals that SEO article can have some marketing.

third: use their own SEO blog marketing their

The purpose of the blog

promotion or marketing themselves, establish a brand and image of their own, and blog articles can also prove their strength, through the analysis and explanation of some cases, let the customer gradually acknowledge your ability. So it is easier to talk about business, of course, can not be empty, to use cases to explain everything. This is the most direct and effective way, the meaning of the existence of SEO blog is to promote their SEO services, the Internet has a huge customer resources. Just trust is the biggest obstacle, not to make yourself into a false >