Through the Baidu network promotion way Kaner well



Baidu algorithm is constantly updated, network promotion is only rely on the search engine is a big problem. To the Baidu over Kaner, focusing on the other network of promotion, this requires courage, the same, also need wisdom, it will not come out from Baidu under the influence, so that the so-called network promotion is Baidu, or search engine, it is worth the loss, no need to search engine such a tree instead of the other way of network marketing of forest.

want to over Baidu this Kaner, need real understanding of Baidu, Baidu know is part of a network promotion way, rather than most, but not all. Baidu frequent updates and changes, but also for us to explore other ways to promote the network provides an opportunity.


in June August conducted a large-scale K station, namely the update algorithm, mainly net cleaning action of low quality sites, most sites are suffer, in this regard, many webmaster said SEO has let them down, and then switch to other profitable way. Especially for some of the more accurate positioning or have the ability to develop, the follow-up will not be weak site, it is possible to choose any other one or more network promotion.

but according to my own experience, many webmaster in Baidu has just crossed the Kaner, may be affected by Baidu too deep, the results again start Baidu, this point no ground for blame. It is important that this part of the person referred to in this article, the author hopes it can influence out of Baidu, is not even the most basic SEO network promotion are not operating, but through the efforts and adhere to a period of time, still not from Internet entrepreneurs on the profit of SEO. This friend extremely needs to abandon the SEO this network promotion, online promotion and other methods, including the promotion of soft paper, advertising and other methods, these methods can to some extent make up for the deficiency of SEO, but also to let everyone network promotion method can try these non SEO means the charm.

precious, do SEO by Baidu and other search engines to promote their own websites, products and services, is currently the most low cost of network marketing, network promotion way thanks to the low cost of the grassroots people will be able to use the internet. You do not see, a lot of grassroots Internet people are starting from the search engine SEO started doing, thus making a lot of achievements. The search engine for grassroots Internet entrepreneurs are providing opportunities, it is because of you because of the search engine, Baidu and other companies to make the network become a hot spot. After all, the search engine greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of Internet users use the internet.

in fact, it is precisely because of this reason, led to a lot of people can not come out of the quagmire of Baidu or SEO out, resulting in a Baidu but this ridge