Victor Koo Youku Entrepreneurship always and his interest in doing things with the most love and lov

1, focus on the differentiation of

Youku is my career in the third start-up companies, I have a very strong entrepreneurial complex. In my opinion, entrepreneurship and always have to combine their own interests, and favorite people, do the things you like. Youku that can be called a "naked" naked marriage age is said: no money, no car, no house to get married, when we venture is no product, no business, even the office did not have a bunch of concentric students to join together, pondering over the video, Youku development.

remember last November 21st, the ten anniversary of the founding of the United States, I was accompanied by a group of ten years old classmates together. We from the starting point of ten years ago, of Tianheng mansion again, get back before the station, do not have a taste. Where the "elevator" and those who fought the "cloud" Hot pot day, bit by bit, visible before the eyes really happened yesterday, just like.

Youku potatoes today can not be separated from each node we stuck, specifically, there are three points:

first point: days, broadband penetration in 2005, in 2006 ushered in the critical point, and there must be a big opportunity in the critical point;

second: Austria, we did so many years of the Internet, media, have the advantage of video, Gong Yu and Li Shanyou, the founder of the video site was in the Sohu colleagues;

third points: people and I love entertainment video.

in my opinion, the general start-up companies, the biggest risk is between the first 12 to 18 months, the risk is mainly reflected in three aspects, one is the cash flow control, one is the application mode can not accept the user from the perspective of the product, the test, the third is can realize monetarisation. These three are relatively large risks, I mainly share the last two.

from 2006 to 2007, my main focus is on product and user experience. Our basic idea is simple and easy to use, do not spend very Hyun, do not engage in alternative words. Video is video, movie is movie. The change is not straightforward. In addition to the video, Youku do nothing; as long as the video, Youku what to do.

actually look around the world, whether it is Google, Facebook, or other companies, are very focused in the start-up phase. When the beginning of the CEO every day to think of 35 things, consider the 35 areas, the risk is very large for the company, the management must focus on the nature of the industry, to be able to make the user experience there are differences.

During this period,

, one of the measures of differentiation is the grassroots star program. We employ more than 2 thousand people throughout the country to capture the interesting and special life stories of ordinary people. and editors, 24 hours of uninterrupted search and review can achieve the "grassroots star" level candidates, to promote.

later, the students of Harbin University of Science and Technology