Website promotion forum

Forum promotion is a lot of webmaster will use website promotion method. Usually there are two prerequisites for advertising, one is the need for the product, and the other is the quality of the product is better than the two. Publicity website is no exception, if your site is a number of free resources for production, or content is nothing new, the effect is not necessarily good. In front of a variety of methods have been discussed, the following specific forums to promote.

a   to choose the appropriate forum

1 to choose their own potential customers in the Forum;

2 to select popular forums, of course, popular also have flaws, because the post was soon drowned in the other post, say too many people, it is difficult to log in;

3 to choose the signature function of the Forum;

4 to choose the link function of the Forum;

5 to modify the function of the forum.

two search navigation class forum site

in order to promote on many sites, you need to find a forum portal. Navigation class forum website contains a large number of forums, the promotion of great help, you can save time to find the forum, improve efficiency.

three needs to have an ambiguous subject

an ambiguous title will let people fantasize, it is easy to think, to give a person a kind of arms of Pipa half block face! This will arouse people’s curiosity, it is natural to enter your theme, look at your paste! So you will be a high click on the paste! Of course, the topic should be related to the content.

four to be controversial content

content is not controversial, somebody else is just a look, rarely leave a word phrase! So the content to be controversial, because such a stick general post is higher rate.

With the help of others showing


to create a popular post is not an easy thing. But we can find some of those reply rate is very high at the forum postings to other forums posted, and his signature in the post add publicity or added to their advertising campaign.

six to know long hair short

the general forum to see the paste are no patience! Too long paste, no matter how attractive it is, very few people can read it! So be sure to grow short hair. How long short hair? Long hair is not called you to paste as short as possible, but will a stick into paste, to keep abreast of the form, like TV, multiple stickers, but remember not more than 7, and every once in a while to send a stick, to let people have waited for desire. Also can increase the popularity of the posts.

seven make full use of avatar and signature

head can be specifically designed to promote their own brand, signature >