What kind of free promotional value

for a long time did not write the soft. Last time I wrote two. Get very good results. Reproduced by the station, today continue to get a topic and share their experiences. What kind of free advertising is the most valuable.

because it is free to promote the significance of research. I don’t want to be the object of study. Now I explain from several aspects.

1 write soft. I think writing the most valuable promotion of soft, why do I say that?. There was a friend before he made a virtual hosting service providers, because just started to do. And no ads. Even Baidu is not included. After a period of time on his website. There are not a few IP, and later found me. What should I do. Later, I would like to help him write a soft Wen, about how to choose the primary space business. On the first day of release. His website traffic suddenly increased. And the day sold 5 virtual hosts. How to write soft. I’m embarrassed to say. It is as sure as a gun. Here I also stressed that even if you write a good soft wen. But you put the soft point is also very critical. Personally think that Admin5 writing column and chianz writing column, remember not in the forum.

2, use Baidu know. Many people know that Baidu knows the importance. But I think a lot of people can not be reasonable use. Why do I say that?. Let me give you another example. If you are a virtual hosting service provider you want to promote their products in Baidu, you are generally using Baidu to know about other people on the virtual host, domain name, website construction and other related questions to answer. Then the answer is all around their own virtual hosting, domain name is how good, how cheap. In fact, this is the promotion of their own site is a waste of their own energy, not good but counterproductive. Because many service providers are to promote their own, emphasizing their own. When he sees so much information about the customer, he has no way of judging. Finally, all as spam. That’s what we have to say. I do not think that the site’s own connection and excessive emphasis on their own, with their own brand when the topic. You can change the way. For example, other people to consult the virtual host, domain name, build forum, website. You can take a serious answer to his question, remember not to promote his website at this time, and then to the other side to leave a contact QQ, said that if you know how to contact you. Just a few words. People will think you’re really answering his questions. Really want to help him. Instead of thinking you’re promoting your own website. It works very well. So you’ve got the heart.

3, to provide some selfless help. I think this is very important. And I’ve been focusing on it. I didn’t say that before. Use Baidu to promote their own virtual host. You don’t just publish your site connection, too much emphasis on their own. And the other side of the question to answer. And leave a contact saying